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First Ever Lamborghini Air Brake Wing Allows You to Drive Faster, Brake Harder, and Look Good Doing It!

What do you do when you race your car at 220 MPH down a 3.5 km runway and you run out of tarmac? Although you might think the answer is “slow down,” overshooting the final turn was the motivation behind the idea for the first ever Lamborghini air brake wing.

lamborghini air brake wing

By Firgelli Automations Team | | Attivo designs, Automotive, lamborghini, linear actuators, remote control | Read more

Firgelli Auto Linear Actuators used for or Attivo Designs Lamborghini airbrake wing

Imagine for a moment sliding into the cockpit of one of the world’s most aggressive supercars, you reach up and close door downwards, reach over put on your seatbelt and for a brief moment before you start the car take in the reality that surrounds you.

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