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Electric adjustable sit stand desk lift
Firgelli E-Desk - Two Leg Sit Stand Desk Lift Out of Stock
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Firgelli height adjustable L-Shape or Inline sit stand desk lift
Firgelli E-Desk - Three Leg Sit Stand Desk Lift Out of Stock
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Firgelli Motorized Height adjustable Single Sit Stand desk lift for drafting
Firgelli E-Desk - One Leg Sit Stand Desk Lift Out of Stock
On Sale $309.99 USD Sold Out

Sit Stand Desk Lifts

Electronically Powered, Height-Adjustable Standing Desks. The Firgelli Electric Standing Desk offers an easy transition from sitting to standing. Sit, stand, stretch be your healthy active self at work, and be more productive. Standing Desks have proven to make you more Productive and live healthier. 

Our table lifts are designed to create smooth, quiet height adjustment for a wide variety of workstations. Built with the latest technology each unit has been developed with easy of assembly in mind. It’s not only easy to assemble and integrate, our Desk Lifts allow you to move even the heaviest of equipment up and down effortlessly with just a push of a button.  Apart from being very easy to install, our electric desk lifts  can also be easily personalized to suit your requirement.  Our Table lifts are used in the home and office automation setting, with a purpose of making you more productive and increasing your overall health as a result. 

sit stand desk lifts

Apple's newest employee perk is standing desks

We believe every office can benefit from the many advantages of giving all employees and sit standing desk. We created a white paper on exactly what the benefits are of working whilst standing, title "The shocking risks of sitting".  The scientific  results from years of study are overwhelming and cannot be ignored. If Tim Cook of Apple agrees, then maybe so should you.


Its easy to transform your existing workstation, or even your entire office, with any of our Desk Lifts. Each Sit stand mechanism has being designed to be universal such that any desk top will fit on our Desk Lifts. 

Each Unit can be adjusted to fit both large and small desktops with a universal screw hole pattern on each bracket to allow simple quick and easy fixing of your existing desk top onto our desk lift mechanism. 

sit stand desk lift 

Desk Lift Smart Controls

Every model is powered by our smooth and reliable height adjustment Column Actuators. The desk frames are made from steel to provide stable and durable support and are adjustable to fit your own desktop.  A programmable handset is standard with all our sit-stand desk frames so you can change the height of your desk at the touch of a button and seamlessly go from sitting to standing, and have different memory buttons set for different heights for different users. 
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