Firgelli E-Desk - Sit Stand Desk Lifts

More and more people are becoming aware of the negative effects that sitting all day can have on their body and overall health.  The scientific community has even coined the term “sitting disease” to describe the ill-effects of an overly sedentary life.  How can you combat this?  The simple and practical answer is an electric height adjustable desk.

Using a sit-stand desk can improve your health, your productivity and your happiness.    Studies have shown significant reductions in neck and back pain; improved mood, energy levels, and productivity; and decreased risk for disease and early death.  Take a look at the article “Why You Should Be Using a Sit Stand Desk” to learn about the science behind the benefits of standing. 

Firgelli Automations offers a full line of height adjustable desk frames.  Our 1, 2, 3, and 4 leg models are all powered by our renowned electric linear actuators to offer smooth and reliable height adjustment.  The desk frames are made from steel to provide stable and durable support and they are adjustable to fit your own desktop.  A programmable handset is standard with all our sit-stand desk frames so you can change the height of your desk at the touch of a button and seamlessly go from sitting to standing.