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Firgelli E-Desk - Sit Stand Desk Lifts, & Stand Up Desks

You have probably heard people talking about them and you may have even seen them in action first hand. Now you can find out why there is a Sit Stand Desk revolution happening and how our E-desks can improve your health, your productivity and your happiness

Our E-Desk Sit Stand Desk lifts will fit a wide variety of needs ranging from easing sore backs, to helping people lose weight, increase blood circulation, or for those people who just enjoy working standing up. 
We have developed a long line of units that can withstand heavy loads and are safety rated to be children and pet friendly. Choose from single leg to 4 leg systems depending on your needs. Simply keep your old Desk top and attach to our mechanisms.

These Sit Stand Desk lists are universal, what this means is that the mechanisms are greatly adjustable in different directions to give you the most flexibility when it comes to adding your own Desk Top to the lift system.

Our controllers are easy to read and functional. Simply press the up or down button to make the Desk lift or choose a memory button that you can program yourself if desired. Total installation takes about 1 hour from start to finish.