FIRGELLI E-Desk - Four Leg Standing Desk Lift

      FIRGELLI E-Desk - Four Leg Standing Desk Lift

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      The Firgelli E-Desk modular sit stand desk lifting systems powered by electric linear actuators renowned for reliability, smooth and ultra-quiet adjustment. Sit or stand at your desk with just the press of a button to lower and raise your desk. Our mechanisms work with any desk top simply add to the top.

      These Sit Stand Desk lifts are universal, what this means is that the mechanisms are greatly adjustable in different directions to give you the most flexibility when it comes to adding your own Desk Top to the lift system.

      Our controllers are easy to read and functional. Simply press the up or down button to make the Desk lift or choose a memory button that you can program yourself if desired. Total installation takes about 1 hour from start to finish.

      MODEL FA-35-4L
      POWER 110V
      WEIGHT CAPACITY 704 lbs.
      SPEED ("/S) 1.5" per sec at no load
      DUTY CYCLE 10% Max. 2 mins on, 18 mins off
      HEIGHT RANGE 23.5" - 49"
      BASE WIDTH 42.25" min. - 74" max.

      *Includes Crossbar frame as well as the VT brackets

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      Electric Table Lift
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