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Solar Panel Tracking System Motion

A solar tracker is a device that tracks the sun as it moves on its path through the sky, exposing your PV cells to an increased amount of sunlight and hence producing more electricity. 

Solar tracking mechanism - Solar tracking Linear Actuators

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Inside a Linear Actuator - How a Linear Actuator works

Most Linear Actuators work under the same principal. This particular actuator is powered from 12V DC brushed motor. It comes with built-in end of travel limit switches to prevent over extension and retraction, a standard feature for our products.

whats inside a Linear Actuator - How does a linear actuator work

Inside a Linear Actuator - How does a Linear Actuator work

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Wheelchair demo uses only one actuator

Addressing individual physical disabilities is what makes the wheelchair industry so challenging. Everyone with a physical disability has their own different needs and so each wheelchair becomes a custom built device specifically for them.


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Reversible seat on a Wheelchair

Here is a Wheelchair that has a reversible design to allow the user to lift up the seat using a linear actuator and then the seat can spin around 180 degrees and then drop back into position.

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We talk with a lot of professionals who are designing homes for clients that are fortunate enough to have an attic. But what if you don't?, Firgelli has a product that will work in both applications, with or without space in the ceiling above to hide your TV

flip down tv lift mechanism

Hidden Secret door in the Library using Linear Actuators to open and close the door

We like to share customer projects that are novel and unique. In this project the customer wanted to slide out at Door before it swings open. This is needed because they wanted the door to appear as a hidden door when its closed and still look like part of the wall.

secret hidden door

Customers Metal Art that opens upon approach

We like to share some projects we find are particularly different. this Customer used a Firgelli Heavy Duty Industrial Linear Actuator ( and then along with a proximity sensor purchased from our Robotics website ( this allows the artwork to open up automatically when someone approaches it.

LInear Actuator metal art robotics

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Are sit & standing desks as beneficial as they are trendy?

According to a new study by Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health, they are — but not just for workers’ health. The popular desks also improved their productivity – significantly

TiVo Remote Controlled Linear Actuator

This project shows you how to leverage a TiVo remote control and an Arduino board to operate a linear actuator to lift a painting that covers a TV. Watch the video at the end


Home Automation Linear Actuator

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How to Make a Drop Down TV Lift

In our kitchen we have these cupboards above the sink, we thought it would be a great idea to see if we could build a simple drop down TV lift that would drop down from the cabinet by remote control

Drop down TV Lift

The Hargrove Adaptive Toy (HAT) Project, unveiled its first modified toy car for Emma with Cerebral Palsy

It uses a Linear Actuator to control the steering via a joystick as well as the throttle and brake. As you can see this makes life much easier for EMMA. 

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How to Use an External Limit Switch with a Linear Actuator

An external limit switch is a very handy and cost effective means of controlling the travel of a linear actuator. In this article, we will go over how to use an external limit switch with a linear actuator.

limit switch

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How to Make an Automated Spice Rack In this age of smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s becoming increasingly popular to automate everything. The kitchen is a perfect room to create motion control as there are many cupboards, shelves and racks that can easily be automated.

Automated Spice rack

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WE SHOW YOU STEP BY STEP - Exactly How to make a Drop Down TV lift in under an Hour and for under $400.

drop down tv lift

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Making A Boat Autopilot Using A Linear Actuator For Under $350

The Firgelli APP for Android and IOS users !!!

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Treadmill Desk at the Office

Good thing, you can now add more physical movements on your daily schedule despite your sedentary work by using Firgelli’s sit stand desks. It is also called the electronic or motorized desks or Treadmill Desks

treadmill desk


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Firgelli Introduces the new Mini Bullet Actuator with built in force sensing for Skylight windows or many other applications

These Actuators come with force sensing built in, this means if they bump into something or when they get to the end of their stroke they automatically stop moving until you either change direction or remove the load

Skylight window actuator

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Awarded best kitchen in the world, Kitchen island appliance garage using Column lift

Kitchen in Winnipeg home named best in the world, according to an international design contest.



New Drop Down TV Lift From Firgelli Automations

Check out this sneak peak of Firgelli Automations brand new drop down TV lift that will be selling in the near future.  This new drop down lift offers a smooth and quiet operation along with a simple installation process.  It comes with universal TV mounting brackets and can be operated by remote control.  Drop down TV lifts are the perfect solution when space is at a premium and you still want a TV in the room. 

drop down tv lift

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