Classic Rod Linear Actuators

      Classic Rod Linear Actuators

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      Experience the Versatility of the FIRGELLI Classic Rod linear actuator, a reliable solution designed to bring your automation ideas to life. With a range of nine stroke lengths and a robust maximum load capacity of up to 200 pounds, this actuator is engineered to meet the demands of various projects. Its compatibility with both 12V and 24V input sources ensures that you have the necessary power options at your disposal. Elevate your automation projects with the trusted performance of the Classic Rod.

      The FIRGELLI Classic Rod linear actuator empowers you to automate your tasks effectively. Whether it's lifting, sliding, pushing, or rotating, the extendable and retractable piston of this actuator delivers the precise force required for your project. By incorporating the Classic Rod, you can enhance the efficiency and functionality of your automation system, making your ideas a reality. 


      Unlock Limitless Possibilities with the FIRGELLI Classic Rod linear actuators. With a wide range of nine stroke lengths, including 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 inches, you can effortlessly find the perfect fit for your project. These actuators boast impressive maximum load capacities, ranging from 35 to 200 lbs., ensuring that no weight or distance will be too challenging for your device. All models are compatible with 12V input sources (or 24V where available). 


      Manufactured with longevity in mind, our classic linear actuators are built to last. All structural components are made from aerospace-grade aluminum for lightweight yet rugged performance, and the IP54 rating lets you trust that your unit will be dust and splash-resistant enough to withstand the elements. For more on IP ratings and what they mean, we have an in-depth article.  For added safety, internal limit switches deactivate the unit once the arm has reached maximum extension/retraction, protecting the device and your build. 

      3D CAD models of this actuator can be found under the 3D model tab or Resources/3D Files. For further information review the specifications and technical drawings down below or visit our Tutorials page for instructions on how to use these actuators with switches, remotes, speed controllers, and Arduino or other Micro-controllers. 

      Standard Features and Benefits

      • Speed range: 0.3"/sec-2.0"/sec
      • Fixed end-of-stroke limits built-in (not movable). For adjustable limit-switch linear actuators try our new Adjustable Limit Switch Actuators
      • CE and RoHS certified 
      • Screw type: ACME  
      • Operating temperature range: -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°)
      • Wire length: 1.5 feet
      • Compatible with multiple remote controls, switches, and micro-controllers
      • Variable Speed control - Use FA-SC2 to have full control over speed
      • Accessories sold separately include: Remote Controls - Switches - Micro-Controllers - Power Supplies 



      Precision-engineered for consistent, accurate performance, FIRGELLI's Classic Rod Linear Actuators are designed with the user in mind. Varying stroke lengths,  force limits, and voltage compatibility let you choose the best configuration for your automation project, and the toughness and simplicity of each component make for a reliable subsystem that can meet the demands placed upon it. Why choose anything else? 

          Model FA-35-S-12-XX FA-150-S-12-XX FA-240-S-12-XX
          Dynamic Force 35 lb 150 lb 200 lb
          Static Force 70 lb 300 lb 400 lb
          Speed ("/S) 2 .5 .3
          Gear Ratio 5:1 20:1 30:1
          Duty Cycle 20% max 5 minutes, rest 18 mins
          IP Rating 54
          Screw Type ACME
          Input 12v/24v DC
          Feedback None
          Synchronous Capability None, 5-10% variation in speed
          Max Draw 5 A / 3 A for 24V
          Clevis End Diameter 0.25" (6.35mm)
          Operational Temperature -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°F)
          Limit Switch Built-in (factory preset) - For adjustable limit-switch linear actuators try our new Adjustable limit switch Actuators
          Safety Certifications CE, ROHS
          Wire Length 1.5 feet
          Bracket(s) MB1 and/or MB6
          Hard Case FA-CAP
          Rubber Protector RB2


          Retracted Length

          Extended Length


          STEP Files
          1"  (25.4mm) 5.5"  (139.7mm) 6.5"  (165.1mm) 2.05 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-1
          2"  (50.8mm) 6.5"  (165.1mm) 8.5"  (215.9mm) 2.1 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-2
          3"  (76.2mm) 7.5"  (10.5mm) 10.5"  (266.7mm) 2.15 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-3
          4"  (101.6mm) 8.5"  (215.9mm) 12.5"  (317.5mm) 2.2 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-4
          6"  (152.4mm) 10.5"  (266.7mm) 16.5"  (419.1mm) 2.25 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-6
          9"  (228.6mm) 13.5"  (342.9mm) 22.5"  (571.5mm) 2.65 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-9
          12"  (3.4.8mm) 16.5"  (419.1mm) 28.5"  (723.9mm) 3.1 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-12
          18"  (457.2mm) 22.5"  (571.5mm) 40.5"  (1028.7mm) 3.45 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-18
          24"  (609.6mm) 28.5"  (723.9mm) 52.5"  (1333.5mm) 3.8 lbs FA-(F)-S-12-24
          Technical Drawings

          12v linear actuator dimensions

          Classic Rod Technical Drawing
          Wiring Diagram

          Wiring to the Classic style actuator is a simple 2-wire connection (+/- 12-24V)  reversing the wires changes the direction of the Actuator. The diagram below shows how to wire a typical switch that reverses polarity for you inside the switch. Where it shows 2 points to connect the voltage and ground (-ve voltage) this means you simply add a wire to connect them together. 

          Use our wiring diagram generator to create different diagrams for different features. 

          how to wire a linear actuator

          Product Video

          classic actuator video thumbnail
          Comparison Video

          Classic vs Premium linear actuator

          classic actuator comparison thumbnail
          Performance Graph
          Classic Rod Performance Graph
          3D Model Downloads (.STEP)


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