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TV Lifts - Pop Up and Drop Down TV Lifts


TV Lift mechanisms are great for keeping TVs hidden in the ceiling, wall, or cabinets while being ready for viewing at the touch of a button. Our ultra-quiet TV Lift column technology offers both Wired and Wireless remote controls, programmable lift heights, and simple installation with adjustable TV brackets to be able to accommodate any TV size.

Designed without any exposed tracks, gears, scissors, or cables, each model includes full protection by providing a great warranty as well as lifetime phone support. The versatility of our TV lifts makes it an excellent space-saving enhancement for Cabinets, Kitchen islands, custom cabinetry, boats, planes, RV's, and tiny homes.

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Firgelli Automations TVL-170 Rear Mount Pop-Up TV Lift
TVL-170 Rear Mount Pop-Up TV Lift In Stock
  • Stroke 25–36 Inches
On Sale From $380.00 USD
Firgelli Automations TVL-180 Floor Mount Pop-Up TV Lift
TVL-180 Floor Mount Pop-Up TV Lift In Stock
  • Stroke 29–39 Inches
On Sale $395.00 USD
Drop Down TV Lift
UTVL-200 Series - Drop Down TV Lift In Stock
  • Stroke 30–50 Inches
On Sale From $495.00 USD
Motorized Flip Down TV lift from ceiling
Motorized Ceiling Flip Down TV Mount In Stock
From $199.00 USD
outdoor tv lift cabinet
Outdoor TV Cabinet - With built in TV lift In Stock
On Sale $2,995.95 USD
Electric Swivel TV Mount
TV Electric Swivel In Stock
On Sale $90.00 USD
DIY Drop Down TV Lift Mechanism Kit In Stock
  • Stroke 12–50 Inches
From $350.00 USD

Pop up, Drop Down or Flip Down TV Lifts

Our TV Lifts offer superior electro-mechanical technology with extra quiet and smooth operation.  There are two types of TV Lift Mechanisms: Pop-up TV Lifts, and Drop-Down TV Lifts.  The most popular are the Pop-up TV Lift systems whereby the TV Lift and TV are remotely brought up into the viewing area and lowered when not in use. Each model includes full protection by providing a great warranty as well as lifetime phone support. The versatility of our TV lifts makes it an excellent space-saving enhancement for boats, planes, RV's, and tiny homes. 

drop down lift

Drop Down TV Lifts

If you need to drop a TV down from a ceiling or cabinet, then you need a drop-down TV lift mechanism.  Our Drop down TV Lifts are universal so they fit any size TV, and because our stroke options are so large, you are able to remotely control the mechanism to move the TV further down into a better viewing height to make a very comfortable viewing angle.

Designed with no exposed tracks, gears, scissors, or cables, each model includes full protection by providing a great warranty and simple integration.  The versatility of our TV lifts makes it an excellent space-saving enhancement for boats, planes, RV's, and homes. Need something custom-made? Give us a call and let us see what we can do.

smart home TV Lift

Connectivity options for Smart Home Automation Integration

Need to control your motorized TV Lift via a home automation system such as Control 4?. The FIRGELLI TV lift mechanisms make this simple to do because our TV Lifts have both IR, RF, and manual switch controls.  You can either program your system to use the same IR HEX code or open the switch controller and use the same pin-out wires to control the lifts directly. Contact our Tech department for help with this if required. 

Lift Up TV

Pop Up TV Lifts.

FIRGELLI offers two types of Pop up TV Lift Mechanisms whereby the Lift and TV are remotely brought upwards into the viewing area and lowered when not in use. Usually, they are located within a cabinet that then pops up into viewing sight with the touch of a button.  The two types of FIRGELLI have developed are either Floor-mounted and rear-mounted. The difference between the two is nothing more than the way each TV Lift is mounted into your application. Mounted to a floor of some type or rear-mounted to the back of a cabinet or even a wall. 

Our Motorized TV Lifts are all extremely quiet and remotely controlled. Every FIRGELLI TV lift is designed with both homeowners and professionals in mind, to provide the most cost-effective and ease of integration solutions available. All of this, combined with no lead time on orders, make us the #1 choice for professionals cabinet makers and Home A/V integrators across the world. Featured on TV in various Home and Garden shows you will find the FIRGELLI TV Lift mechanisms are extremely easy to install and integrate into any cabinet, and our universal brackets allow for a very to adjust the TV position on the TV Lift as well as the Lid of the cabinet positioning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All our motorized TV Lifts function in the same way, the only thing that varies is the sizes of the TV lifts. Depending on your setup, the TV Lift either raises your TV into view usually from a cabinet, but this is entirely up to you. Or it lowers it down into view from the ceiling. Operating your TV Lift system is commonly done wirelessly with the use of a remote, but setting it up to be wired is also more than possible. Before choosing which TV Lift Kit you will use, make sure to check the weight capacity your TV Lift System supports, and also the maximum height and width the TV can be.


This video shows you how the House Crashers TV Show made a electric TV Lift Cabinet. They use a FIRGELLI TV lift and an Electric linear actuator to create a custom hidden pop-up TV and bar in the episode called "Secret Agent Lounge." They show you how to make a TV Cabinet in great detail.

The easiest way to make a motorized TV Lift cabinet is the same way A Cabinet maker would do it. You start by making a simple rectangular framed cabinet using 2x4's and then using wood paneling or even hardwood flooring for wrapping the outside of the frame to create a great-looking TV Cabinet. The great thing about using hardwood flooring for the cabinet is that the selection of colors and materials is endless and cutting these planks of wood into the correct shapes is very easy, and hardwood flooring is very cheap. It should only cost about $300 max to make a cabinet. 

Firgelli Automations has two different types of TV lifts available. There is a rear-mounted TV lift and a floor-mounted TV lift. The video below shows a rear-mounted TV lift but the installation and operation are exactly the same for the floor-mounted lift. There are two ways to have the lid raise up and down with the TV lift.

The first method is to directly attach the lid of the cabinet to the top of the TV lift mechanism. We DO NOT recommend this method although we have seen this widely adopted. The danger is that if a child leaves their fingers or if an object falls between the opening as the lift is lowering down then it acts like a scissor and can cause some damage. Even with the built-in electronic overload protection our systems have, it can take a second before this method kicks in and causes damage. The benefit to having a fixed lid is that if you have objects that sit on top of the lid such as a vase or ornament, this will simply lift with the TV lift and will not fall over as it would if it was sat on top of the flip-back lid type.

The second method is to have a roller fixture attached, as the pop-up TV lift raises out of the cabinet the roller fixture on the top of the lid flips back a cabinet lid that you would have installed in your cabinet and is hinged at the back of the cabinet. This is the most common method and is demonstrated in the video above. The benefit of this method is that if a child leaves their fingers at the top of the cabinet as the TV lift is lowering, then only the weight of the lid is felt by the child which acts as a good safety mechanism. The downside of this style of the lid is that if a cup of coffee has been left on the lid and the button is pressed to lift the TV into sight, then the cup will get thrown backward and cause a mess.



When you’ve got space above the living area such as the fireplace or bed, it opens up the option of having a drop-down lift that lowers your television from the ceiling. There are 2 ways to have a drop-down TV lift mechanism in this situation. One is to have the TV drop vertically down and the other is to flip or rotate the TV down into viewing area. Dropdown TV Lift requires a lot of space in the attic or room above to do this. Typically to drop a TV down you need whatever the height of the TV is plus some space for a mechanism. Compare this to a flip-down TV lift where the mechanism is only 4" thick plus allow 1" for the thickness of your TV, now this is very doable.

You can make your own Flip Down TV Lift setup with our Flip down TV lift mechanism. We’ve talked with a good deal of homeowners who don’t have attics but still want to install a drop-down lift.

With the Firgelli flip-down TV lift you have two options for installation. Firstly, you can simply mount the lift mechanism to the ceiling so it's hanging down. This may not be the best look but it's the easiest and not everyone has space above.

If you are lucky enough to have attic space then you can simply build the box into the ceiling and install the Flip-down mechanism into the box and ensure the ceiling opening is the same size as your TV. When installed in this way your TV will simply be sat flush with the ceiling as shown below.

Here is the video on how to install the Flip-down mechanism.