Next Generation - Drop Down TV Lift

      Next Generation - Drop Down TV Lift

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      FIRGELLI® Next Generation Pop-up & Drop Down TV Lifts now have greater stability, thanks to its Dual Slider Carriages. They are ideal for home automation projects where you want to hide your TV out of plain sight into the ceiling or in a cabinet. Suitable for TV sizes up to 100” or 57" tall which is the max stroke option of these Lifts.

      Model DTVL-100-XX converts any room into a custom movie theater by smoothly and discreetly lowering or raising TV screens or painting or other objects into view, at the push of a button. Precision-engineered for ease of installation and superior reliability, this lift has been installed in many luxury homes, government facilities, and many office spaces too. The Lifts work by installing the mechanism with the 2 brackets on each end of the Lift, and the two slider carriages slide up and down the main drive shaft of the Lift.  The TV Lift bracket is attached to these sliders where you attach your TV using the included universal TV Brackets. An optional Drywall bracket is included for those applications where a ceiling or floor cover is desired to cover the hole where the TV pops up or down from. 

      If you need more help on how to choose the correct Drop Down TV Lift, we have created a blog post dedicated to just this topic. Click here to go directly to that post. 

      Features and Benefits

      • 100 lbs. total lift capacity 
      • Rear mount installation design. 
      • Can be used to lift a tv up or down.  
      • Ideal for long strokes or large TV's  i.e. for dropping down from a ceiling
      • Additional stiffness and stability using a dual slider
      • Internal limit switches automatically shuts off the unit at the end of the stroke - This protects you and your equipment from possible damage. 
      • Travels 27-inch, 37-inch, 47-inch, or 57-inch  - You select the size based on your TV size, or however far you want the TV to lift or drop down into view.  The mechanism can stop at any point along its travel if desired.
      • Maintenance-free - Gives you more free time to do more important things
      • No exposed chains tracks gears or Scissors - Watch the product video; you can't even see the mechanism when installed. 
      • Extra quiet, uses a worm gear drive system commonly known as the quietest system in the Industry - Runs at only 5-dB above Ambient
      • Comes with RF wireless remote and Wired Switch Controller - RF means you don't have to point at anything. 
      • No Professional Installation Required. - No need to hire an expert, if you're capable of installing a TV Wall bracket, you're qualified to install a Drop Down TV Lift.
      MODEL FA-DTVL-100-XX
      INPUT VOLTAGE 110VAC / 60H
      INPUT CURRENT 1 amp
      OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE  -26°C - 65°C (-15°F/150°)
      DUTY CYCLE 10% max., 2 mins on, 10 mins off
      LOAD CAPACITY 100 lbs.
      DEPTH  4 3/8 inch
      NOISE 5 dba
      SPEED ("/S) 0.8 inch per sec
      TV Brackets Includes 30 inch & 36 inch TV arms for mounting to the back of a TV
      LIMIT SWITCH Built-in, Includes external micro switch 
      CONTROL OPTIONS RF Wireless Remote & Wired 

       *Includes adjustable drywall bracket to enable the installer to have it flush piece of their ceiling mounted to the bottom of the unit so when not in operation, the unit is not visible

      FA-DTVL-100-27 42.6 inch 27 inch 32" - 47" 
      FA-DTVL-100-37 52.6 inch 37 inch 40" - 70"
      FA-DTVL-100-47 62.6 inch 47 inch 50 - 75"
      FA-DTVL-100-57 72.6 inch 57 inch 60" - 100"

        Technical Drawings

        Use upside down if used as a pop-up TV lift 


        Product Video

        Below we have both a Completed Drop Down TV lift installed, and an Assembly video to show how easy these Drop Down TV lift Mechanisms are installed.  (used here as a drop-down system) flip over if requiered as a pop-up system.

        drop down product thumbnail
        Installation Video

        drop down installation thumbnail
        Basic Troubleshooting

        Your unit is not working, please check the following:

        1. Ensure the cables are all securely connected and correctly
        2. Check power and battery in remotes
        3. If the manual remote works but not the wireless remote does not. They may not be paired with the receiver. You need to hold the black button on the side of the power supply down for 5-10 seconds, while continuing to hold the button, press one of the buttons on the remote. Then let go of both buttons, it should now be synced.  Repeat the same procedure with the second remote and you should be good to go.

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