Bullet Actuators

Bullet Actuators

Our Bullet Series Actuators offer a huge range of Force from 20 lbs. to over 1,000 lbs. force.  All IP66 rated to be able to withstand dust, water, and other potentially harsh environments. These Linear Actuators look the part and will play the part with hassle free maintenance. 

Try Our Linear Actuator Force Calculator to determine which actuator force you need

Internet of Things

Firgelli was built around the concept of ‘the internet of things’.

Our inventory includes everything needed to integrate our actuators into your real-world projects. We carry a large assortment of custom mounting brackets and slide rails to install our actuators to just about any surface. We also carry power supplies, Arduino microcontrollers, motors and switches so you can get started immediately on getting your project in motion.

Variety and Same Day Shipping

We provide clients with a wide range of linear actuators, varying in speed, stroke, length, force, and size.

 They are UL recognized, and because we are the manufacturer you get direct manufacturers pricing. We accept all major credit cards and with same day shipping availlable

Need Help Finding the Right Actuator

Give us a call or email us and we'll be happy to help you get your projects in motion.