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Our Bullet Series Actuators maintain the same build quality and power but in a compact size

Available in ranges from 20 lbs. to over 1,000 lbs of force. All of our Bullet Series actuators are IP66 rated to be able to withstand dust, water, and other potentially harsh environments.

Stroke (Inches)
Force (lb's)
Bullet Series 52 Cal. Linear Actuators
Bullet Series 50 Cal. Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 500–1124 lb's
  • Stroke 6–40 Inches
From $279.99USD
Bullet Series Mini Actuators
Bullet Series Mini Actuators In Stock
  • Force 20–110 lb's
  • Stroke 1–8 Inches
From $160.00USD
Bullet Series 36 Cal. Linear Actuators in silver
Bullet Series 36 Cal. Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 224 lb's
  • Stroke 6–24 Inches
12v Linear Actuators
Bullet Series 23 Cal. Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 26 lb's
  • Stroke 1–12 Inches
Bullet Series 35 Cal. Linear Actuators
Bullet Series 35 Cal. Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 22–270 lb's
  • Stroke 6–28 Inches
From $169.00USD

Bullet Series Linear Actuators in a compact size

We named these the Bullet series, purely because of their design. We also decided to give them a Blue anodized body make-over, so that they look cool and you don't need to spend time trying to hide them from view. 

bullet actuator

Linear Actuator Resources

We have a large list of tutorials and blog posts to help you learn more about linear actuators, and how they work, and more importantly, how to install them. If you are new to linear actuators and would like to learn how a linear actuator works or what the inside of a linear actuator looks like, we wrote a very useful article titled "How a Linear Actuator works

If you need help deciding which actuator you need for your specific application, we have created a handy calculator that may help. Check out Linear Actuator Force Calculator to determine which actuator you need. Alternatively give us a call or send us an email at support@firgelliauto.com, and we'll be happy to assist you in getting the correct parts for your application to.

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