Bullet Series 23 Cal. Linear Actuators

Bullet Series 23 Cal. Linear Actuators

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Tech Drawing


The Bullet Series 23 Cal. linear actuators are made from SUS304 stainless steel.  Available in 12V or 24V and in various stroke lengths from 1 to 12 inches. 

These Actuators come with an integrated force sensor (in the form of an overcurrent protection circuit), this means if they bump into something or when they get to the end of their stroke they automatically stop moving until you either change direction or remove the load. Please be aware that this model does not have internal limit switches.

Best in class Duty cycle - These Actuators can run at 100% Duty cycle. 

CAD models of this actuator can be found under Resources/3D Files. For further information review the specifications and technical drawings down below or visit our tutorials page for instructions on how to use this actuator with switches, remotes, speed controllers, and Arduino. 

Accessories sold separately include: Remote Controls - Switches - Micro-Controllers - Power Supplies 

FA-B26-12V-(S) FA-B26-24V-(S)
Push/Pull Force 26 lbs. 26 lbs.
Self Locking Force 31 lbs. 31 lbs.
Speed at full load 0.26”/sec 0.26”/sec
Gear Ratio 144:1 144:1
Voltage 12V 24V
Max Current 0.4A 0.25A
Duty Cycle 100%  
Operating Temp. Range -4°F to 150°F ( -20°C to 65°C))
Over Current Circuit Protection External 
Circuit Breaking Current 1A 0.5A
Circuit Breaking Response Time 0.1 to 0.5 Seconds
Protection Class IP66
No Load Noise Level 50-70 dB
Diameter 0.905" (23mm)
Clevis hole diameter 0.1945"
Material Stainless Steel 304
Cable Length 1.5 feet
Brackets MB14
Stroke Length Retracted Length Extended Length Weight (lb) STEP File
1” 5.88" 6.93" 0.65 FA-B26-(F)-1
2” 6.87" 8.86" 0.65 FA-B26-(F)-2
3” 7.85" 10.83" 0.75 FA-B26-(F)-3
4” 8.84" 12.79" 0.75 FA-B26-(F)-4
5” 9.82" 14.76" 0.85 FA-B26-(F)-5
6” 10.81" 16.73" 0.95 FA-B26-(F)-6
8” 12.78" 20.67" 1.1 FA-B26-(F)-8
10" 15.92" 25.79" 1.3 FA-B26-(F)-10
12"  17.89" 29.72" 1.4 FA-B26-(F)-12
Technical Drawings

Curve Graphs
23 Cal.Bullet Series Actuator speed vs load graph

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