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Firgelli Robots Arcade Joystick - Short / Long Handle

Arcade Joystick - Long Handle

In Stock
$21.00 USD
Firgelli Robots Compact Arcade Joystick

Compact Arcade Joystick

In Stock
$33.00 USD
Firgelli Robots PS2 Thumb Joystick Controller

PS2 Thumb Joystick Controller

In Stock
$2.00 USD

We have everything you need to power and control your Actuators. From 12v Power Supplies to switches and remote controls. For those with very sophisticated requirements you can use an Arduino board and relays. For simpler controls requirements a timer relay could be used if you need to control your actuator with a specific time limit.

Need Help Finding the Right Actuator?

We precision engineer and manufacture our products so you get direct manufacturers pricing. We offer same day shipping and knowledgeable customer support.

Give us a call or email us and we'll be happy to help you find the best actuator for your project.