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FA-MT-143 - TV Wall Mounting Bracket

FA-MT-143 - TV Wall Mounting Bracket

Firgelli Automations

$25.00 $59.99


LCD and Plasma TV Wall mounting brackets offer major benefits as they enable you to fix the LCD / Plasma tv to the wall using the relevant wall mounting bracket allowing you to save on space by not needing a cabinet etc to stand the lcd / plasma screen TV onto.

The types of LCD / Plasma tv wall mounting bracket you require depends on the size and weight of the lcd / plasma tv. We offer a universal LCD/Plasma TV Bracket that fits on just about all TV's. The kit is simple to assemble and includes a variety of Screws to attach it to the back or your TV. Most TV's already come with their own screws but we include some just in case.


  • Steel plate, silver coated

  • Max hole distance (between centers in the X direction) 26.75"

  • Max hole distance (between centers in the Y direction) 18.75"

  • Adds only 1" to TV thickness

  • Fits TV's up to 60" 

Wall mount TV bracket Dimensions