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Rubber Protector for Classic Linear Actuators

Rubber Protector for Classic Linear Actuators


$9.00 $10.00


Model # RB2

Fits our Classic Linear Actuators only 

Although the IP rating if the light duty linear actuator line is far above industry average, Firgelli Automations realizes the need for increased water and dust resistance. The answer to this is the rubber case which is specifically designed to fit the Light Duty line of linear actuators. Ranging from applications with snow blowing machines to opening vents and windows on high end yachts, the rubber case helps keep your motion solution running strong in intense environments. This case is specifically designed to increase the rating of your actuators. 

- Developed for use with the Light Duty linear actuator line.

- Increases dust and water resistance.

- Helps protect the casing or your linear actuator. 

- Simple and easy to install, no tools necessary

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