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Our Mini Linear Actuators offer power in a compact envelope. In this design, we took what we learned from our larger Linear actuators to make them smaller. They are still precision engineered like all our larger Linear actuators but in a smaller package. These Mini Linear Actuators are ideal for applications where space is limited or you don't want a rod-style Linear actuator. Built to last and we offer the largest inventory, all ready to ship the same day to you. Our smallest is only 1" Dia with a force as low as 20lbs that goes up to 110lbs.

Stroke (Inches)
Force (lb's)
Utility Actuator
Utility Linear Actuator In Stock
  • Force 110–330 lb's
  • Stroke 2–12 Inches
Mini Linear Actuators
Mini Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 15 lb's
  • Stroke 2–12 Inches
Mini Track Linear Actuators
Mini Track Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 35 lb's
  • Stroke 5–25 Inches
Bullet Series Mini Actuators
Bullet Series Mini Actuators In Stock
  • Force 20–110 lb's
  • Stroke 1–8 Inches
From $160.00USD
12v Linear Actuators
Bullet Series 23 Cal. Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 26 lb's
  • Stroke 1–12 Inches
miniatture actuator
Silent Micro Linear Actuator In Stock
  • Stroke 25–200 mm
  • Force 22 lb's
F12 Micro Linear Actuators
F12 Micro Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Stroke 1–6 Inches
  • Force 4.4 lb's
Micro Pen Actuator with Feedback
Micro Pen Actuator with Feedback In Stock
  • Force 4–22 lb's
  • Stroke 20–100 mm
Micro Pen Actuators 12v
Micro Pen Actuators 12v In Stock
  • Force 4–22 lb's
  • Stroke 20–100 mm
bullet mini linear actuator

Why Choose a Mini Linear Actuator

These Mini Linear Actuators are compact in size and use a very high precision DC motor that is both ultra-quiet and powerful for its size. Our high IP rating means it can be used for most applications even outdoor and if you add the optical sensor option you then get very precise control of your devices. We offer them in both 12v and 24v and stroke increments of 1" however we can make them to whatever stroke options you prefer.

Mini Linear Actuator Firgelli Single

Mini Linear Actuator Improved Safety

Our Mini Linear Actuators come with an integrated force sensor (in the form of an over-current protection circuit). This force sensor will automatically stop the Mini Linear Actuator from moving if it bumps into something or when it reaches the end of its stroke. After it has stopped, the Mini Linear Actuator will not move until you either change its direction or remove the load. This overall increases the safety of the Mini Linear Actuator and offers many applications from Skylight Window openers to Automotive motion control where space is tight.

Mini Linear Actuator Track Actuator Firgelli

The Origin of Mini Linear Actuators

More and more people are getting interested in actuators and their uses. This has sparked a new trend of dwindling sizes of Linear Actuators to complement a wide range of small-scale automated applications. Firgelli Automations is the first manufacturer to satisfy this demand and started producing Mini Linear Actuators, and has been the leader in innovation in this market. Our Mini Linear Actuators have been used all the way from the aerospace industry to the at-home hobbyists. Produced with high-grade aluminum and quality internals, our Mini Linear Actuators are capable of smoothly producing 15 lbs (6.8 kg) of force with minimal noise.

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