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Mini Linear Actuators

Bullet series

Our smallest Mini Actuators are the Bullet series. These are quiet, powerful, and offer IP67 rating meaning they can be used outside and in water environments. These Mini Actuators are only 1" (25.4mm) dia so they can be used in discrete locations. We offer mounting brackets and control systems for these Actuators too so you have complete wired or wireless control over them.

Classic Style Mini Actuator

Our Classic style Mini Actuators have been around for over a decade. We have perfected this Actuator style so much that many other people now copy this style, but only we have perfected the quality, lifespan and durability of this Mini Actuator to be best in class. These Mini Actuators work with the MB1 brackets and we have a body bracket option too, just visit our Brackets section to get more details. These Actuators offer the most flexibility because you can get them in 12vdc or 24vdc, with feedback or without, and stroke options from 1" to 30" and in 3 or 4 different speed and force options up to 240lbs.

Classic style Track Mini Actuator

This Classic style is also offered in a Track style instead of a rod style to offer even more flexibility. It this style a carriage slides up and down the shaft that allows you to attach things to the carriage which has 8 tapped M4 screw holes.

Mini concentric Actuator

In this design we moved the Motor to be inline with the shaft to make it better looking and smaller. They are still  precision engineered like all our other actuators, but in a smaller package. These units are ideal for applications where space is limited or if you want the actuator to be visible.  Built to last and we offer the largest inventory, all ready to ship the same day to you. They are UL recognized and because we are the manufacturer means you get direct manufacturers pricing. Compare our prices to others and we guarantee we cannot be beaten in our quality bracket.