Actuator Control Board with LCD Screen Interface

      Actuator Control Board with LCD Screen Interface

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      The FIRGELLI FCB-1 LCD screen control box, is designed to control up to four linear actuators, accommodating both actuators with built-in feedback systems (such as hall or optical sensors) and those without feedback.

      When using actuators with built-in feedback, the FCB-1 can synchronize up to four actuators to run at the exact same speed, ensuring precise and coordinated movement. This synchronization capability is particularly useful in applications requiring multiple actuators to operate in unison.

      For actuators without built-in feedback, the FCB-1 still offers the ability to control up to four actuators, but without the synchronization feature. Instead, the control box provides timer functions and speed adjustment capabilities for these actuators.

      The FIRGELLI FCB-1 LCD screen control box is a state-of-the-art device designed for electric linear actuators, offering advanced control and functionality. Whether you're lifting doors, adjusting desks, or managing uneven loading scenarios, the FCB-1 ensures optimal performance and smooth operation.

      Features and Benefits

      • Synchronous Mode: (Only with Actuators with built-in feedback) Run 1 to 4 linear actuators in perfect synchronization, ensuring simultaneous movement even if one actuator operates slightly slower than the others. Ideal for applications with uneven loading or where precise alignment is crucial. The actuator must have feedback for sync capability.
      • Adjustable Speed: Independently adjust the extension and retraction speeds of the actuators, allowing fine-tuning to suit specific requirements.
      • Limit Position Adjustment: (Only with actuators with built-in feedback) Set customized starting and stopping positions for the actuators, overriding the built-in limit switches. Achieve precise control over the stroke length, accommodating unique applications with varying requirements.
      • Compatibility with Feedback Systems: Works seamlessly with both 3-wire and 4-wire feedback signal actuators, including those equipped with hall or optical sensors. NOT compatible with a potentiometer Actuator.
      • Compatibility with NON Feedback Systems: Works with regular 2-wire actuators but with a scaled down functionality, this includes, all timer functions, and speed adjustment control. 
      • Direct Control: Control all actuators directly from the control box without the need for external switches, ensuring a streamlined and efficient operation.
      • Optional External Switch Control: For added convenience, the control box can be integrated with an external switch if desired, providing alternative control options. This same connection can be used for other Home Automation systems
      • User-Friendly LCD Touch Screen: Featuring an intuitive LCD touch screen interface, the control box offers effortless navigation and operation, enhancing user convenience.
      • Timer Control Options: Enjoy versatile timer control functionality, including time of day controller and interval mode, enabling precise scheduling of actuator movements.
      • Multiple Program Times: Set up to 5 different program times within a 24-hour period, accommodating diverse scheduling needs and allowing for customization on different days.
      • Interval Mode: Configure the actuator(s) to open and close at specific time intervals, enabling continuous operation according to a predefined cycle. Perfect for applications requiring periodic actuation.
      • Easy Setup: The control box incorporates DIP switches on its side for straightforward configuration. Simply adjust the switches based on the desired number of actuators (1-4) for optimal functionality.
      • Robust Wiring: The control box provides clear wiring instructions and diagrams, facilitating the proper connection of power, switches, and actuators. Removable green blocks ensure easy access and secure connections.
      • Calibration Function: (Only with Actuators with built-in feedback) Calibrate the actuators effortlessly using the control box, ensuring precise operation and synchronization. Any wiring issues or incorrect DIP switch settings can be identified during the calibration process. If power is lost to the controller at any time, it is important to run the calibration sequence again by pressing the Calibration button on the controller. 
      • Operating range -40-80 degrees C

      Tutorial on how to use the synchronous controller

      • Control Capacity: Up to 4 linear actuators
      • Feedback Compatibility: 3-wire or 4-wire feedback signal actuators (Hall sensor or optical sensor feedback)
      • Control Method: LCD touchscreen interface (2.25" Color screen)
      • Power Input: 12-24VDC 40A max
      • Set Up Article: FCB Info, Functions, and Troubleshooting Guide
      • Timer Control: Time of day controller, interval mode with customizable delay times
      • Program Times: Up to 5 different program times within a 24-hour period
      • Control Options: Speed adjustment for extension and retraction, limit position adjustment
      • Compatibility: Works with various applications, including lifting doors, adjustable desks, and more.
      • Wiring: Comes with Connecting blocks for 4 Actuators, 1 connecting block for power, and one connecting block for an external switch or trigger input from another device. Clearly labeled wiring diagram and instructions provided for power, switch, and actuator connections
      • Dimensions: 8.75" wide x 4.25" tall x 1.5" thick
      • Weight: 0.5 lbs
      • Control Box Housing: Sturdy and durable housing to protect the internal components from damage - Not waterproof.
      • Mounting Options: Large mounting tabs on the control box for easy installation in various orientations.
      • Power Indicator: LED indicator to display the power status of the control box.
      • Actuator Feedback Indicator: LED indicators display the feedback status of each actuator, ensuring quick identification of any issues.
      • Power Supply: Requires a 12-24VDC power supply for operation - Max 40Amp
      • Works with most Actuators:  Does not accept potentiometer feedback actuators or Actuator that draw more than 10A at peak. 
      Timer Features

      FCB-1 comes with 2 Timer features. 

      1. Delay Timer Function: The delay timer function allows you to program a specific delay period before the linear actuators start moving. This feature can be useful in various applications where a delay is desired before initiating an action. For example, if you're using the control box to control an automated door system, you can set a delay timer to allow people enough time to enter or exit before the door starts closing. This function adds an element of convenience, safety, and control to your automation setup.
      2. Interval Timer Function: The interval timer function enables you to program a specific time interval between consecutive actuator movements. With this feature, you can achieve precise and repetitive motion control. For instance, if you're using the control box to control a lifting mechanism in a manufacturing process, you can set an interval timer to ensure that the lifting action occurs at regular intervals. This function is particularly beneficial in applications that require consistent and synchronized movement patterns.

      Both timer functions provide flexibility and customization options to enhance the control and automation capabilities of the FIRGELLI FCB-1 control box. By utilizing these timer functions, you can fine-tune the operation of your linear actuators according to your specific requirements and create more efficient and tailored automation sequences.

      It's important to consult the instruction manual that comes with the control box for detailed instructions on how to configure and utilize the timer functions effectively. The manual should provide step-by-step guidance on setting the delay or interval periods, as well as other relevant parameters.

      Remember to consider the specific needs of your application when utilizing the timer functions. By utilizing these functions intelligently, you can optimize the performance and functionality of your automation system while achieving precise control over the movement of your linear actuators.

      wiring diagram 1

      The Green Terminal Blocks in the SYNC Controllers have specific Pinouts that can change with actuator type

      Wiring Diagram 2
      Actuator Control Board with LCD Screen interface
      Product video 1

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      Technical Drawings

      FCB-1 Dimensional Drawing

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