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FIRGELLI offers a very large selection of Robotic Components.  Browse our inventory of Robot components and order conveniently, securely at a great price.  All shipped directly to your doorstep.

FIRGELLI have been developing Motion control and precision-engineered products for 2 decades specialize in Linear Actuators for the Automation industry such as Home Automation, Industrial and automotive applications, and TV Lift Mechanisms used for Hidden TV cabinet makers, Standing desks - Sit-stand Desks that have become very popular in the Office for improving your health by getting out of the chair periodically and work standing up. FIRGELLI also develop Micro Linear Actuators. for the Robotics and consumer electronics Industry. FIRGELI also carries a range of Drawer slides capable of holding high loads as used for kitchen cabinets and customs storage devices.

Firgelli Robots Deluxe Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron - 60W
Deluxe Soldering Iron - 60W In Stock
Firgelli Robots Enameled Copper Wire by Spool
Enameled Copper Wire by Spool In Stock
From $40.80USD
FA-GM6-3V-25 Micro Motor Mini Motor
FA-GM6-3V-25 Micro Mini Motor In Stock
Gear Motors and Accessories
Gear Motors and Accessories In Stock
From $0.50USD
Firgelli Robots Micro Coreless DC Motor - OD: 3 / 4 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10mm
Micro Coreless DC Motor - OD: 4mm Out of Stock
$2.80USD Sold Out