PIC Development Board + Microchip PIC16F877 / PIC16F877A

PIC Development Board + Microchip PIC16F877 / PIC16F877A

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PIC Development Board + Microchip PIC16F877 / PIC16F877A


The PIC16F877A development board, enables easy development and testing of various solutions. PIC16F877A, is included with power supply components and crystals. The board comes integrated with a whole lot of features. Connections are provided for I/O, LCD and programming. The PIC16F877A can be programmed via MPLAB® ICD2. Software and manual are included, featuring examples and easy to follow instructions. Requires 7 ~ 9V AC or DC power supply, not included.

Develop exciting real-time applications and monitoring systems with this board. Ideal as a home controller, the RS232 connection can connect directly to a computer for monitoring and sending various commands to the system. The integrated EEPROM allows for easy data storage. Enter the exciting world of PIC microcontrollers, with this affordable and easy to use development board.


* 8 X LED to indicate I/O status;
* 4X Key to simulate the detection of input;
* RS232, RS232 communication with PC, monitoring data, testing procedures;
* DIP40 socket with lock for MCU replacement;
* USB power & 6-12V DC power supply options;
* All IO Pin-out
* Power Switch
* Reset Switch
* ICSP Program Emulator Interface
* 1x ZIF for PIC16F877 or PIC16F877A