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First Ever Lamborghini Air Brake Wing Allows You to Drive Faster, Brake Harder, and Look Good Doing It!

What do you do when you race your car at 220 MPH down a 3.5 km runway and you run out of tarmac? Although you might think the answer is “slow down,” overshooting the final turn was the motivation behind the idea for the first ever Lamborghini air brake wing.



For this project Attivo Designs engineered an adjustable carbon fiber wing that also functions as an air brake. Firgelli Automations supplied the two linear actuators in each strut that control the motion of the wing. The two actuators are wired into the same control system so they lift and lower simultaneously.


lamborghini air brake wing

lamborghini air brake wing

lamborghini air brake wing


According to Attivo Designs the air brake wing can:

  • Go from horizontal to near vertical in one second

  • Provide 840 lbs of braking force at 180 KPH

  • Increase stability of the car



linear actuator

 linear actuator

The air brake wing can also be operated by remote control when the car is stationary for demonstration purposes. Attivo Designs says the product concept has been incredibly successful and the Firgelli components have performed flawlessly time and again under varying loads.



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