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MB5 Bracket

MB5 Bracket

Firgelli Automations

$18.00 $29.50

Mounting Brackets for Heavy Duty Track Actuators.

For the Heavy Duty Track Actuators the MB5 Mounting Bracket is the only kit you need for simple and easy mounting. This 5 piece set includes two 'L' brackets for the sliding block, a 'T' bracket for the clevis end, as well as a clevis pin and cottter pin to secure it all in place. The brackets were designed to make installation and mounting as straightforward as possible, eliminating time spent fabricating and designing custom pieces which would only complicate projects and break budgets. When mounting to the sliding block, four holes are available after attaching the 'L' brackets, allowing some flexibility in what is attached. All pieces are made from high grade steel, and are ready for high force applications.

This Bracket Set will only fit Track Actuators

  • For all track actuators
  • Steel Construction
  • 4 x 7/16" dia fixing holes on 2-L Brackets
  • 4 x 1/4" dia holes on T-Bracket
  • 5 piece set includes:
    • One T-bracket for fixing the motor side to a flat surface
    • One large, sturdy mounting pin to secure the T-bracket to the track actuator
    • One small cotter pin to secure the mounting pin to the
    • Two L-brackets to fix the moving carriage to the load you are moving
  • low profile
  • makes mounting and attaching objects to the track actuator easy and straight forward.
  • designed for use with the Track Actuators

MB5 Bracket DimensionsMB5 Bracket Dimensions

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