MB2 Bracket

MB2 Bracket

Firgelli Automations

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These brackets fit our Sleek Rod Tubular Actuators, FA-04 and FA-05. The fit on both ends of the actuator and can handle over 2000 lbs of holding force. These Brackets allow the Actuators to swivel 180 degrees and are nickel plated for rust resistance.



The MB2 Bracket provides a secure and simple mounting solution to the Sleek Line Linear Actuators. Featuring a low profile, chrome plated steel construction, and a quick release pin, there isn't a more adaptable bracket on the market. While using the MB2 bracket, actuators can rotate nearly 180 degrees allowing the setup to be used in assemblies where a hinge or other rotating part is present. Four holes for bolts line the bottom of the bracket for easy installation.


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