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MB2 Bracket

MB2 Bracket

Firgelli Automations

$6.00 $12.00

These brackets fit our Sleek Rod Tubular Actuators, FA-04 and FA-05. The fit on both ends of the actuator and can handle over 1000 lbs of holding force.

The MB2 Bracket provides a secure and simple mounting solution to the Sleek Line Linear Actuators. Featuring a low profile, chrome plated steel construction, and a quick release pin, there isn't a more adaptable bracket on the market. While using the MB2 bracket, actuators can rotate nearly 180 degrees allowing the setup to be used in assemblies where a hinge or other rotating part is present. Four holes for bolts line the bottom of the bracket for easy installation.

  • Add approximately 1/4" lenght of the actuator when installed
  • Fits both ends
  • sold as single units, with the cross bolt which has a small hole for P-clip quick release

MB2 Bracket Dimensions

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