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12 Volt Single-Pole Double-Throw Relay SPDT Relay 20Amp

12 Volt Single-Pole Double-Throw Relay SPDT Relay 20Amp

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Single-pole double-throw automotive type relay. Removable metal mounting tab. 5 terminals. 20 Amp rating on the normally open contact and 20 amp on the normally closed contact


Firgelli SPDT Relay 12vdc 20Amp. Relays are widely used in electrical applications where one circuit is to be energized or turned "on" by the presence of a voltage, provided by another circuit. An example of this is when a projector turns on it has a 12V signal to let different accessories know it's on. Anywhere a switch can go in a circuit, a relay can replace it, (as long as there is a triggering voltage available to activate it).

The "switch" in a relay is more often called a solenoid or coil. A solenoid is like a piston that pushes outward when energized with electricity. This push mechanically trips the switch in the relay, completing circuit and allowing the switched voltage output.

A relay can be triggered with an electrical pulse as small as 75 milliamps. The switched output can be as high as 20 amps or more. One very useful use of a relay is to control a high current device such as a linear actuator motor with a low current signal, such as a projector or home theater controller. Another common use for relays is to separate control voltage from motor voltage. This is useful when you've got a control voltage of 12V and you want to control a linear actuator running on 36V, such as controlling the track actuators with the 4CH-RC (some wiring required)


The Firgelli SPDT relay features a hermetically sealed plastic housing and high-quality copper coil windings, high-current contacts and are manufactured under strict ISO standards. The SPDT Relay also meets a minimum rating of 20 Amps on the normally open contact leg (87a), and 20 Amps on the normally closed contact leg (87). With a higher current capability than the venerable industry standard Bosch relay, the Firgelli SPDT relay is the best choice for your single-pole double-throw relay needs!

12 VDC Automotive 5-Pin Relay SPDT 30/40A Bosch Type

Model # HFV4

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