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Automated Secret Library Door using Linear Actuators

This is an amazing Secret Door project that uses a Firgelli linear actuator and an Arduino to open and close a secret door either by pulling on a book or using a secret knock! 

automatic secret door

Basically the bookcase slides into a false wall that was built to create a hidden space in an attic. The linear actuator pushes and pulls the bookcase in and out and is activated by the Arduino.  A microswitch was wired to the Arduino that tells the actuator to open or close when the secret book is pulled.  The Arduino was also programmed with a secret knock detection algorithm so that the door can be opened with a secret knock.  Take a look at this video to see the door in action.

View this project, Automatic Secret Door by Krizbleen, on Instructables for a detailed step by step guide on how it was built. 

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