FIRGELLI Super Duty series - An Industrial Strength Actuator to Get The Job Done

Industrial Strength Actuator to Get The Job Done

FIRGELLI’s new Industrial Motion solution, the Super Duty series electric linear actuator, was made to get the job done for various applications – including agricultural, Industrial, Heavy duty Automotive and material handling type applications – where a powerful and tough actuator is needed.


The F-SD is the most versatile actuator in the FIRGELLI line-up, because it offers everything, all in one compact package: High force, low noise, Hall sensor feedback, IP66 rating, 25% duty cycle, and 12 off-the-shelf stroke options as standard in 2 force options.  Designed for heavy-duty applications and harsh working environments where durability and reliability is required. 

Maximum Powered, Heavy-Duty

Ideal for industrial applications, the F-SD electric actuator boasts a standard duty cycle of 25 percent at full load. Its impressive stroke range of 2 inches to 24 inches ensures exceptional adaptability to meet diverse application requirements. The F-SD's flexible design elements facilitate seamless integration without compromising power, allowing for a harmonious balance between functionality and ease of use.


The F-SD electric linear actuator built-in limit switches along the insude of the outer tube, allowing customers to order custom stroke lengths with ease and without increasing price. Depending on an application's requirements, the F-SD can be customized with different feedback options for improved control and accuracy of motion, such as Hall Effect Sensors, Potentiometer, and other onboard electronics. The standard is Hall sensors off the shelf. 


FIRGELLI has developed an extensive line of industrial electric actuators specifically designed for high-capacity applications in modern material handling. This series offers a wide range of position feedback options and IP ratings to meet diverse requirements. The industrial line actuators from FIRGELLI seamlessly integrate into existing systems, enhancing the ease of operation and ultimately improving the performance of material handling equipment. With FIRGELLI's industrial electric actuators, you can achieve optimal efficiency and productivity in your material handling operations.


F-SD Key Features


  • Max. Load: 450 pbs (2,000N) push/pull
  • Built-in Position Feedback
  • 2" stroke increment range of stoke options up to 24" stroke, gives you more flexibility.
  • Rugged compact design for universal hardy applications
  • IP rating: IP66
  • 12vdc input
  • Extra quiet - due to hybrid Helical and worm gear drive system

Heavy-Duty F-SD Applications

In the realm of agricultural processes, electric actuators have become indispensable. They play a vital role in enhancing farm profitability and meeting the ever-increasing demand, all while ensuring competitiveness. By leveraging electric actuators, farms can optimize their operations, streamline processes, and achieve greater efficiency. With their versatility and reliability, electric actuators contribute significantly to the agricultural industry's success in a rapidly evolving market.


Designed to handle high loads, the robust F-SD electric linear actuator proves to be an excellent choice for various agricultural machinery. It offers exceptional performance in driving equipment such as harvesters, spreaders, grain handlers, combines, and tractors. With its power and reliability, the F-SD electric linear actuator empowers agricultural machines to operate efficiently and effectively, ensuring optimal productivity in demanding agricultural applications.


The versatility of the F-SD electric linear actuator extends to a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. It finds excellent utility in commercial lawn mowers, scrubbers, sweepers, and material handling equipment. Electric actuators offer innovative solutions for intralogistics, and the F-SD stands out as an ideal choice for conveyor systems. With its robust performance and adaptability, the F-SD electric linear actuator enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of various commercial and industrial operations, providing reliable and precise motion control.


Out now:  Intelligent Movement Controller - Worlds first Actuator controller with built-in touchscreen controller 

FIRGELLI's new smart controller can control and syncronize up-to 4 Actuators. This  innovative touchscreen feature allows many control options from customizing the speed to adjusting the limit switches, and even giving you a full set of timer features allowing you to turn on and off the actuator at different times of the day, days of the week etc. This give you a complete Actuator controller set-up to be able to handle most daily activities. 


 smart controller

The Actuator Smart Controller paired with 1 to 4 actuators offers exceptional functionality and convenience. Its features include synchronous mode for simultaneous movement, adjustable speed for fine-tuning, and customizable limit positions. It seamlessly works with various feedback systems and allows direct control from the box.


The LCD touch screen ensures effortless navigation, while timer control options and interval mode offer precise scheduling. With easy setup, robust wiring, and calibration function, this smart controller provides a reliable and synchronized operation for a wide range of applications.

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