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Worm Gear Motor, Rotary Actuator

Worm Gear Motor, Rotary Actuator

Firgelli Automations


These Worm Gear motors or rotary actuators as some people call them are extremely quiet and powerful the rotating shaft has a flat on it so you can attach a variety of pulleys or gears. Some people use these with pulleys to pull rope or wire to lift or drop something. Very versatile and offer many options.
  • Converts any crank-style window to power window
  • Universal features, fits any car and van
  • Two doors with three illuminated switches,housing and wire harness
  • Four doors with seven illuminated switches,housing and wire harness
  • Steel power metallurgical main gear
  • Universal hardware for easy installation and quiet operation
  • Operating voltage: 12V DC±2V

Speed 90 RPM

Speed at 3Nm is 65 RPM

Max Current Draw 22A

Unloaded Current draw 1.5A

Max Torque 8.5Nm

Drive Shaft has 2 flats for easy installation.

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