Linear Potentiometers

Linear Potentiometers

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Linear Potentiometers are used for positional control or just Feedback of your Actuator or devices. These compact units have amazing accuracy and linearity with strokes of up to 50" long. These are useful for applications where you need feedback of some type and cannot use our standard Actuators with the built in Potentiometers. These Linear Potentiometers do not need to be used to their full stroke you can simple use as small portion of the stroke because the feedback is simple a voltage divider making it simple to integrate into any control system.

  • Rugged Construction and Shaft Seals for Protection in Factory Environments
  • High Performance Bearings for Long Life in Extreme Side Load Conditions
  • Precious Metal Wipers Insure High Performance and Low Noise
  • Plastic Film Element Reduces Wear for Extremely Long Life
  • Linearity: +/-0.05% 0.1%
  • Length:  equals stroke + 89mm
  • Resistance range: 10K
  • IP54
  • Stainless steel sliding Potentiometer Rod shaft
  • Black plastic cap to cover electrical connections
  • Double brushes to reduce electrical noise
  • Aluminum Body
  • Resolution: infinate
  • Repeatability Precision: 0.01mm
  • Max Speed: 10m/s
  • Reccomended Current: <1mA
  • Temp range: -60+150 Degs C
  • Output:  0~100% x input voltage (chnage with the movement of the rod)
  • Sensitivity: 1
  • Temperature drift: none

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