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Micro Gear Motor

Micro Gear Motor

Firgelli Automations

$14.99 $18.00
Gear Ratio

Micro Gearmotor for Robotic projects. These powerful micro Micro gear motors come in different gear ratios to offer different speeds and forces. We added a long shaft also to make it easier to attach things to.

The Micro Gear Motors by Firgelli Automations provides hobbyists and robotics enthusiasts with a cost effective solution to their motor needs. The micro gear motor is capalbe of supplying up to 1650g. cm of torque; with such a small size, these fantastic little motors hold their own against complex and demanding tasks. Have a look under the specificaitons tab for more information on ordering and torque/rpm figures.

Also available is the MB7 Bracket, which is featured in one of the product images and can make mounting the gear motor a very simple task, requiring just two screws to attach the assembly on your application.

Need a Hub to attach to it ? check out this Hub designed just for Gear motors with 3mm dia shafts


Gear Motor Specifications

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