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42MM Dia Gear DC Motor, 2-12vdc, 18:1 gear ratio

42MM Dia Gear DC Motor, 2-12vdc, 18:1 gear ratio

Firgelli Automations

$29.00 $39.00

This Electric DC motor has a planetary gear head for better use of space allocation and low noise. This would be ideal for turning wheels on a robot where the wheels are required to have very high torque. The speed on these are just about right for a medium speed robot but with enough torque to get up the steepest climbs. 

The shaft has a 8mm diameter and works great with our hubs or pulleys Links below with slight modification. The flat on the Shaft is what you will tighten the set screw to in order to prevent the pulley or hub from rotating

SKU: FA-GM42-12V-18

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