TVL-180 Floor Mount Pop-Up TV Lift

      TVL-180 Floor Mount Pop-Up TV Lift

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      FIRGELLI Floor or Wall Mounted TV Lift mechanism

      Watch the game in style with the FIRGELLI Floor or wall-mounted TV Lift mechanism! Perfect for yachts, RVs, kitchens, or your luxury home theatre, this pop-up TV lift lets you tuck away your TV when it's not being used for a more elegant look, and reveals it with elegance when it's showtime. 

      Quiet, Convenient, and Powerful

      Our goal in designing this TV lift was a quiet, simple, robust class, and given the easy installation and 5-decibel above ambient noise level operation, we think we've done just that. The powder coated-steel extendable mount can carry a television weighing up to 135lbs and has varying stroke length options from 29 inches, 35 inches, and 39 inches. The TVL-180 also supports televisions ranging from 20-60 inches. With so much versatility and a typical installation time of only 1 hour, this TV lift mechanism is sure to fit your home with ease. 


      The FIRGELLI TV lift mechanism is designed to accommodate a home entertainment configuration that's as unique as the customers that buy them. This unit can support TV'S ranging from 20–60 inches.. Want your TV system completely out of sight and out of mind when it's not being used? The rolling top fixture rolls your cabinet lid up and back to cover the TV completely while and while only adding 1.35 inches to the TV lift height, Or use the Fixed lid fixture that is adjustable to allow a flush cabinet top fit.  


      • Ultra Quiet only 5dB above ambient
      • Come with Roller top fixture 
      • Programmable memory allows you to stop the mount's extension where you want it every time.
      • Internal limit switches protect the unit from overextending/retracting, to prevent your TV from being harmed.
      • Comes with wireless RF and wired remotes.
      • No exposed, chains, tracks, gears, or scissors — just streamlined automation.  
      • Warranty 12 months
      • RF remote 2.4Ghz
      • Easy to connect to any Home Automation system like Control-4. Follow this step by step guide to connect them "How to connect a TV Lift to a Home Automation system"

      Home Entertainment Made Easy

      Reliable, convenient performance is what all our products are engineered to deliver, and the FIRGELLI Floor-mounted TV Lift mechanism brings just that to home entertainment. Quiet yet luxurious, simple yet versatile, this TV lift is sure to elevate your home theatre experience to the next level. 

      For a Pop-Up lift that is rear-mounted view our TVL-170 Series TV Lift

        FA-TVL-180-30 FA-TVL-180-36 FA-TVL-180-40
      Stroke 29 inch 35 inch 39 inch
      Retracted Length 25.5 inch 29.6 inch 31.89 inch
      Extended Length 54.5 inch 64.6 inch 70.89 inch
      Retracted  Length With Roller Bracket 26.85 inch 30.95 inch 33.24 inch
      Extended Length With Roller Bracket 55.85 inch 65.95 inch 72.24 inch
      TV Sizes 20 inch – 60 inch
      Input Voltage 110 VAC 
      Force 135 lbs.
      Lifting Speed 1.2 inch/second (no load)
      Duty Cycle 10%, max 2 min. continuous use
      Operating Temp. +5° C - +40° C
      Overload Protection Built-In
      Material Powder Coated Steel
      Additional Features Adjustable Height
      Technical Drawings
      TVL-180 Bracket Dimensions

      To download the instruction manual for the FA-TVL-180 TV Lift, please click here 


      TVL-180 Lift Dimensions

      3D Model Downloads (.STEP)

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