Treadmill Desk, work whilst walking.

      Treadmill Desk, work whilst walking.

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      Electric  Adjustable Height Desk | Sit stand desk | Adjustable Standing Desk & Tables model FA-35-TS 

      Electronically Adjustable height sit stand desk mechanism offer the health benefit of either sitting or standing at your desk, the best part is you get to keep your existing Desktop by simply adding it to our Desk lift frame system. This is a very easy and versatile adjustable height sit stand desk table system that can be used for existing table/desk or just add your own table top to the mechanism. This 2 leg system connects to a central controller and is adjustable via the keypad that connects at the front of your desk. We also have a 1, 3, and 4 legged electric adjustable height sit stand desk table lift for larger "L" shaped desks and smaller single leg electric Adjustable height desk lifts for smaller applications.

      Changing your working position regularly helps to prevent back problems. If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day rather than sitting all day at a standard desk can offer great relief and help the recovery process when back problems occur. People of various heights can easily adjust their desk according to specific needs - which can be of great benefit for those of a taller stature to prevent them from stooping. Electric operation means that people can easily adjust their desk height which is very useful for wheelchair users as well.

      Our Electric height adjustable Desk tables are very easy to install and set up, all you need is a desk top surface like your existing desk, and then remove your current legs and replace with these legs. Our system is adjustable to accommodate any size desktop. Our electric desks have adjustable braces so they fit on any desk top surface.

      • The Max height is 4' (48") and the lowest setting is 29" so it goes very high and very low.
      • For desktops  between 27"  to 40" deep
      • Fits desktop widths from 43" to 120"
      • Lift Frame comes with programmable keypad controller
      • Color: Silver
      • Desk top not included
      • 5 Year Warranty

        Click here for the Operation Manual


        Benefits of using Treadmill Desks

        The sit stand desks will counteract the bad effects of prolonged sitting and will give you the following benefits. Knowing its significance will make you aware of the possible improvements you may have as you are performing on your workplace and at the same time, in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
        1. Increase productivity. While using a treadmill desk, you have the ability to do things for it is a multi-tasking tool. While walking, you may do your documents, send an email and phone meeting with your colleagues or even telephonic phone meetings. It offers such a productive way of walking miles. As you engage in this kind of physical exercise, there would be a huge improvement on your productivity rate in terms of work quality, time management and mental performance.

        2. Increases Creativity. Walking helps your mind to be creative by having new ideas on your projects and best solutions for your problems. You can utilize your full thinking skills while walking that will boost your creativity, in which creativity is an important thing required for most jobs. You would have the ability to have the benefits of walking outside while you are staying at your office. Treadmill desks will help you develop your creativity and at the same time, help you perform your job at your best.

        3. Reduces stress. The stress that you feel may be a distraction in performing your job well. Hence, treadmill desks will help you to eliminate the stress by just walking and it will let you have focus on what you are doing.

        4. Promotes healthy body weight. Like any other physical exercises, walking burns calories. To achieve a successful weight loss, you must increase the intensity level and walk for a longer time as it will allow you to burn more calories. Yet, when using treadmill desk for the first time on your workplace, start on a slow speed then gradually increase it as well as the walking duration. Also, it is very convenient to use regardless of the weather, so you have no excuse to do the walking exercise.

        5. Maintains strong bones. One of the best means of maintaining and building strong bones is by doing weight bearing exercises like walking. With daily walking, your bones would surely benefit a lot.

        6. Lowers blood pressure. One of the benefits of using treadmill desks is that it increases your blood flow so as a result, it lowers your blood pressure. Then, as you incorporate daily walking routine on your treadmill desk, you will see on your both blood pressure readings a decrease of five up to ten mmHg result.

        7. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is due to too much glucose in the blood. Hence, doing physical exercise can reduce the blood glucose level and at the same time, it will help you to manage and avoid its long-term complications.

        8. Boosts confidence. While you are acquiring the benefits of walking in a treadmill desk for your health condition, you would also be able to boost your confidence as know you can perform better at your workplace.

        Firgelli's Treadmill desks come as two separate parts. Firstly the Motorized desk allows people to adjust the height of their Desk Top at the touch of a button to get just the right height for working. And our Treadmill simply sits under the desk and can operate quietly at an ideal speed that suits the user, adjustable from the Controller that sits on the desk top. You then have full control at your finger tips the speed of the treadmill and the height of the desk top. Please note we don't sell the desk tops they are typically purchased to match the operators office decor. IKEA has a large selection of Desk tops and deliver door to door also.

        Model FA-35-TS
        Power 110V
        Weight Capacity 353 lbs
        Speed ("/S) 1.5" per sec at no load
        Duty Cycle 10% Max. 2 mins on, 18 min off
        Height Range 23.5" - 49"
        Base Width  42.25" min - 74" max
        Color Grey

        Technical Drawings

        Electric Adjustable table desk lift with 2 legs

        Electric adjustable table desk lift dimensions

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