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Micro Actuators


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Micro Actuators can be described as Actuators that are either Micro in physical size or their stroke are offered in micron sizes. However some refer to Micro Actuators as simply those actuators that are very small in physican size or offer strokes of under just a few inches. The smallest stroke Firgelli offers today is a 1" stroke which we offer in a few different types of models as below.

The Mini Bullet actuator has a small compact body and stroke options


Our Mini series actuators are a little larger than the bullet actuator


since an actuator is to manipulate positions and therefore force is needed. For different kind of micro actuators, different physical principles are applied. Probably one of the smallest stroke options for developing a Micro Actuator is the Piezo electric Actuator. By adding voltage across the Piezo the material expands by very micro movements in a linear fashion with high force. This works great for applications that require high force but very low movements. Camera lenses typically use Piezo Actuators as well as fuel systems for automotive fuel injectors to control the flow of fuel through a nozzle.


Solenoid Actuators can also provide Micro motion and use Magnetic s but offer little movement control, they are typically either fully open or fully closed. Memory wire is another new development that is slowly becoming a commercial reality. The material is simply a wire that when a voltage is supplied to the wire it contracts. The downside is that the force is not that great at the moment and to retract the wire to its original state takes time with eliminates a lot of applications.