Five Benefits of Electromechanical Actuators

According to a recent article in Machine Design electromechanical actuators are growing in popularity among many different industries.  Although there will always be applications better suited to pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, the benefits of electrical linear actuators are out weighing their counterparts.

 electromechanical actuator

Here are five benefits of electromechanical actuators:

PRECISION: electrical actuators offer the highest precision-control positioning. Their operation is quiet, smooth, and repeatable.


CONTROL:  electrical actuators provide complete control of motion profiles and can include encoders to control velocity, position, torque and applied force.


NATURAL FIT FOR IoT: electrical actuators can be networked and reprogrammed quickly.   They offer immediate feedback for diagnostics and maintenance.


QUIET: electrial actuators are quieter than pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:   because there are no fluid leaks electrical actuators are not an environmental hazard.  Electrical actuators are more energy efficient as they only use power when they are moving.

If you have any questions about the benefits of electrical actuators and how they can be used in your application contact Firgelli Automations.


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