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How to Install a Linear Actuator - Making Chores Easier

At Firgelli Automations, we understand that most people aren't used to wiring motors or other electronics besides plugging a charger into a wall outlet. The following video was created to prove just how easy it is to install and operate a linear actuator. Our wonderful assistant, Ellie, is CEO Robbie Dickson's beloved daughter who has no prior electrical training and definitely does not possess a degree in electrical engineering (yet?).
Watch Ellie install, and operate our mini style rod actuator to make her chores that much easier. Of course now her mother has given her more chores to compensate...
In this video you will see the following products (click the link to go to the product page)
  1. Mini Rod-Style Actuator
  2. MB1 Mounting Brackets
  3. 2CH-REM (previously 2CH-RC)
  4. 12V DC Battery


By Jean-Pierre DeClerck | | How To |
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