The NEW Adjustable Limit Switch Actuators (with Live Video)

One of our most consistent requests is for in-between stroke lengths on small projects; “The 24 inch Premium unit is too short, but the next option is way too long for my project. I only need a few, so I don’t need to place a whole custom order!” We heard you.

FIRGELLI has rolled out the world’s first Adjustable Limit Switch Linear Actuators. These new units will allow you to adjust your movement limit by a full inch while maintaining secure, reliable, FIRGELLI-level automation standards. These will save you the trouble of MacGyver-ing an External Limit Switch into the middle of a gap in your structure.

How does it work? Put simply, your limit-switch is on a slider; adjusting the screws on the back of your rod-body will allow you to slide that limit switch to the exact position you require. They require no extra wiring, no guess and check, and no hassle.

As the latest addition to our Premium Actuator Line, these Adjustable Limit Switch Actuators have the same specifications as their peers, maintaining the Premium line’s sleek, silver appeal. Similar to the other units in their series, these units feature 2-wire motor leads, making them fit nicely into simple automation systems (like the CSPS) as well as PLC controlled systems with High Current Motor Drivers. They do not feature a feedback circuit (for Optical Feedback Premium Actuators, click here).

This actuator is the perfect unit to customize your automated drawers and sliding applications; the slight adjustment allowed is designed to make for an easy adjustment for those in-between lengths of custom kitchen drawers and sliders. If you’re using a Roller Bearing Drawer Slide, this is the actuator you want to pair them with.

The Adjustable Limit Switch Actuators provide the quality, longevity and ease-of-integration that you expect from all FIRGELLI products.


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