Snow Plow Linear Actuators for a Snow Blower Chute


Using a Linear Actuator to control the Chute on a snow plow. 

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'Tis the season to be shoveling and plowing. We at FIRGELLI Automations want to make your winter more jolly in any way we can, and today we are going to help you get your snowplow rigged up for the oncoming onslaught of snow. During the cold winter months, many of us dread those first few snowflakes, all too aware that ongoing battle to keep sidewalks and driveways clear is about to begin.  First we explain how to use a Linear Actuator for a snow chute and then we talk about the Snow Plow Blade. 
snow chute deflector kit for sow pluw using lienar actuators
john deer snow blower chute deflector linear actuator
Same principle works on many different Snow chutes
Snow Blower with Linear Actuator - john deer

Images above all shown using the Classic Linear Actuator with the protective rubber boot installed. The protection of the Linear Actuator for this type of application is important because the actuator is basically operating outside in the wet no doubt. So you need to pay attention to the IP rating of the Actuator, and get a high IP rating Actuator, or cover up the Actuator as much as possible to protect it from the weather.  To learn more about IP ratings we have written a separate article just on that topic on our Blog.  But below is a quick guide to what the IP Ratings mean.

 ip ratings guide 

Many of us rely on snow blowers and snowplows to help keep on top of old man winter. The problem is when operating the snow blower the chute must constantly be turned and aimed to efficiently redirect the snow. Redirecting the chute can be difficult since both hands are required to control and operate the machine safely.

Snow Plow Linear Actuator for Snow Chute - john deer actuator

This is where a linear actuator and a simple momentary waterproof rocker switch can come in handy. Using a simple setup it will be easy to control the direction of the chute with the simple thumb press of a button. Not only will this allow for safer control of the snow blower but it reduce down-time as there is no need to stop to make adjustments.

Setting up a Linear Actuator to control a snow blower chute or snow plow blade is very straight forward. Let us show you some examples and let you know what you'll need to get started. Most installations we have seen are on a John Deer tractor with the added snow blower attachment which does not come with a motorized way to control the direction of the chute. As such customers are finding our Linear Actuators with the protective rubber Boot work great for this application. 

Parts to Control the Direction of a Snow Chute:

John Deer snow chute deflector kit

What you will need for allowing remote control adjustment of your snow plow blade:

john deer rocker switch to control a snow chute
john deer linear actuator to control a snow chute
john deer wiring kit to control a snow chute
john deer actuators to control a snow chute
    Optional MB6 Swivel body bracket for ActuatorOptional MB6 Swivel body bracket for Actuator

    Typically the 12 volt battery on the tractor is used to power the actuator; be sure to use the fuse included in the electrical wiring kit in the wiring to the actuator to protect it from over-current and prevent damage to the linear actuator. Use the dimensions for the rocker switch, available on the Rocker switch product page (link above), to cut out a space in a convenient place on the dash of the tractor or other ATV.

    The wiring direction for the switch is located on the same page; the connector and wires are included in the EL-Kit. Attaching the MB1-P brackets is straightforward and can be done using a hand drill and bolts. Once the brackets are in place connecting the actuator is as simple as sliding the clevis pin into the clevis hole on the actuator and securing it with the cotter pins.

    Linear Actuators to Control a Snowplow Blade:

    Linear Actuator for snow plow blade

    When controlling a snow plow blade there are two types of control you may want to complete. Firstly you may want to control the left and right angle (Yaw) of the blade. You can achieve this with 1 Actuator to control this motion. You may also want to control the tilt of the Blade also. For this we would suggest a stronger 200-lbs for Linear Actuator at the minimum depending on your Blade size. 

    All parts listed above are available online here on our store

    Snow plow blade linear actuator

    Just as with controlling the chute of the actuator, it is best to place a fuse between the battery of the tractor and the linear actuator to prevent an over-current situation which could potentially damage the actuator. Most like to have a well placed switch on the dash of the tractor or ATV for convenience; go to the rocker switch product page on FIRGELLI Automation's to find dimensions and wiring instructions to make cutting a perfect hole for the switch easy. Mounting the actuator is straight forward using the lever arm for manually operating the blade, replace it with the FIRGELLI Linear actuator using mounting brackets.

    Both of these set-ups are very straight forward and easy to accomplish using only a few parts. Having the ability to operate the chute and the blade of your snowplow with a simple push of a button allows for safer and faster operation, reducing the time it takes to get the job done. If you have any questions or require additional information.

    If you want to learn how a Linear Actuator works before buying one, we created this Info-sheet to help you understand the basics, link below

    Linear Actuators 101 - Everything you need to know about linear Actuators



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