Common Linear Actuators Mounting Brackets

Linear Actuators Mounting Brackets

While determining and selecting the right linear actuator gets most of the attention, choosing the right linear actuators mounting brackets is a sometimes forgotten or hastily decided. But finding the right linear actuator mounting bracket can make a huge difference in how successfully your next project is. This blog will aim to show you some of the common linear actuator mounting hardware available as well as some of the less common options that may help you take your project to the next level.

Clevis Mounting Bracket – MB1 Bracket

One of the most commonly used actuator mounting brackets are the clevis mounting brackets. These mounting brackets have a clevis and pin design and are built to be attached to either end of a suitable linear actuator. They are attached to the linear actuator by pinning the clevis and pin hole of the actuator together using a cotter pin or R-clip to hold the pin in place. The clevis pin design allows the linear actuator to swivel over 180 degrees. Utilizing these brackets on either end of your linear actuator will allow the actuator to pivot as it extends or retracts. This can be very useful and makes these brackets perfect for hinge applications like opening and closing a hatch, rotating solar panels, and much more.

MB1 Bracket

Our MB1 Clevis Bracket handles up to 5000lbs and is suitable for all of our Standard Classic Rod Style Linear Actuators and Mini Linear Actuator lines. While our MB1-P clevis bracket handles up to 1000lbs and are designed to be used with our Premium Linear Actuators and our Premium High Force Linear Actuator. These linear actuator mounting brackets also have an elongated mounting hole that allows for easy adjustment and installation.

MB1 Linear Actuator Mounting Bracket

Static Mounting Bracket – MB6 Bracket

Another commonly seen mounting bracket is the static mounting bracket. Static brackets are attached to the body of the linear actuator and are used to keep the body of the linear actuator stationary. These brackets simply slide over the body of the linear actuator and are attached by tightening two bolts. Unlike the clevis brackets, these mounting brackets will not allow your linear actuator to pivot and are ideal when you want to ensure your linear actuator is in a static orientation. This feature makes static mount brackets perfect for applications where you are extending and retracting your linear actuator in a linear path like in pop up drawers.

MB6 Static Mounting Bracket

Our MB6 Static Bracket is designed to be used with Classic Rod Linear Actuators ONLY. They are built to fit over the body of these actuators to ensure they do not rotate and can be used in conjunction with our MB1 bracket. These mount brackets are made of sturdy aluminum and are rugged enough to be used in heavy duty applications such as in yachts and automobiles.

Premium Base Mounting Bracket

Our Premium Base Mounting Bracket converts our Premium Actuators to a column lift style Actuator. This bracket was specifically designed to work with our Premium Actuators and Optical Feedback Premium Linear Actuators. To install this bracket, you’ll need to remove the back plate of your actuator and replace it with the premium base mounting bracket. This mounting bracket is perfect when you want to use either our premium or optical feedback linear actuators in a vertical configuration and allows you to use these actuators as smaller and more compact versions of lifting columns. This mounting bracket, used in conjunction with our other brackets, would be ideal in applications like pop up drawers or custom TV lifts.

 Premium Base Mounting Bracket

MB50 Mounting Bracket

Our MB50 Mounting Bracket are designed to be used with our Bullet Series 50 Cal. Linear Actuator ONLY and are used to mount these actuators from the body. Like the static mounting bracket, these brackets slide over the body of the linear actuator and are attached by tightening two bolts, but unlike the static mounting bracket, these brackets allow the actuator to pivot. This makes the MB50 mounting brackets perfect for hinge applications while also providing more mounting flexibility compared to the clevis mounting brackets.


Linear Actuator Mounting Bracket
Linear Actuator Mounting Bracket
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