Track Actuators: Its Got Your Back, Metaphorically

Home Automation doesn’t need to be flashy to impress your guests! Sometimes the most useful automations are the most understated. While presentation pieces are wonderful and fun to look at, you can also automate your home for convenience.

FIRGELLI offers many ergonomic options, from adjustable sit-stand desks to the Flip-Down TV Lifts, yet our standard actuators and track actuators can be featured in some of the most ergonomic applications we've seen. Surprised? We were too - why hadn't we already thought of this?

HD Track Actuators: Effort Saved, Plain and Simple

We know the easiest chores are the ones that take the least work, so why not use automation to make all of your chores easier? Are you tired of bending and crouching to access something on the floor? No, you’re not, because you used a FIRGELLI actuator to bring that floor-dwelling item up to counter level! Your joints will thank you (take it from a former box-freezer worker).

Our Heavy-Duty Track Actuators are an ideal product for building your own back-saving platform lift. If you have back problems, joint pain, or it hurts to bend down, this is your solution. By installing a vertical track actuator next to your counter, washing machines, or in the closet for your cat’s litter box, you can save you and your back the trouble.

Customer Project Video:

Our HD Track actuators come as a plug-and-go kit, which are perfect for quick installations. The MB5 Mounting Brackets (which are specially made for this actuator), some sturdy L-Brackets, and whatever kind of platform surface you deem worthy is all you need.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

If you don’t want to lift it, let us do it for you. This design is  by no means limited to litter boxes; Use them to raise a shelf near the ceiling to keep it out of your way, without the need for a step ladder. The HD Track actuators that come in 200 and 450 lbs. dynamic load ratings. You could use these for, bicycle lifts, laundry hampers, shoe racks, waste baskets, corner shelving units; and anything you pick up daily.

These actuators are a perfect weekend-project that save you years of effort.

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