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FIRGELLI® have been developing TV Lift mechanisms for 20 years, the industry has grown in general significantly, and the more it grows the more we are doing to offer more products to meet the growing needs of customers that want to now drop TV's from the ceiling or slide it out sideways from a wall. Here is a range of Blogs and articles related to the field of TV Lifts. We are particularly proud of the Outdoor TV Lift cabinet we now offer, this is a fully integrated Outdoor TV Lift system that allows you to watch TV using a regular indoor TV outside on the patio, by the Hottub or pool, or even used in trade-show applications to grab peoples attention. There are also articles here on how to build your own cabinet and many other blog posts that may inspire you to create something for yourself.

Recent Blogs

Four Places to Use a TV Lift Cabinet
Four Places to Use a TV Lift Cabinet
Its 2021 and now perhaps is the time to start thinking about how to modernize your home. Adding a TV lift cabinet around the house...
How many many ways can you hide and automate a TV.
How to hide your TV.
Have you ever wondered how many different ways are there to hide you're TV in the home?. based on the animation image above you can...
How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet
How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet - For under $300
Have you found the perfect spot for your TV but don't want it showing all the time? Maybe you need to save on space but...
What are the Different Types of TV Lifts?
انواع مختلفی از آسانسور تلویزیون چیست؟
چند چیز در جهان وجود دارد که می تواند اتاق را کاملا شبیه تلویزیون صفحه نمایش بزرگ از سقف پایین بیاورد. شما می توانید صرفاً...
How to make a Drop down TV Lift
چگونه یک Lift TV Drop down ایجاد کنیم

این 4 فیلم را ببینید. مشتری در اینجا از یک Track Actuator با 30 "ضربه برای پرتاب تلویزیون از سقف استفاده کرده است

how to Build a Hidden TV Lift
ببینید چگونه می توانید آسانسور و میله تلویزیون مخفی بسازید

آیا به دنبال راهی ابتکاری برای پنهان کردن تلویزیون خود هستید؟ چرا در حالی که هستید یک میله مخفی ایجاد نمی کنید و هر دو...

برای یافتن محرک مناسب به کمک نیاز دارید؟

ما محصولات خود را مهندس دقیق و تولید می کنیم تا قیمت مستقیم تولیدکنندگان را دریافت کنید. ما حمل و نقل همان روز و پشتیبانی مشتری آگاه را ارائه می دهیم. با استفاده از محاسبه گر محرک ما می توانید در انتخاب محرک مناسب برنامه خود کمک بگیرید.