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How to choose the ideal Actuator - Linear Actuator Calculator

Below are a couple of calculator tools that help you figure out what force and stroke Actuator best suits your needs. Although this calculator is called Hatch lift or Staircase hatch, the theory for these applications actually covers many others. For example lets say you want to lift a cabinet door to reveal a TV. Even though the orientation is 90 degrees off the calculations are still the same. A hatch can be a door or a lid, or a cover or many other things.

We've packaged the same tool, that we utilize in house to help customers with their projects, into a powerful and user-friendly web based application. You'll be able to use our calculator to experiment with multiple iterations of your linear motion project using real-time generated diagrams help to illustrate your plans. With the help of our calculator, determining the optimal configuration and best electric actuator becomes straightforward and precise for engineers or hobbyist of any skill level.

    Key Features

  • Calculator includes physics calculations saving you the headache
  • Real-time calculation with illustrative feedback diagram
  • Explore which actuators will be sufficient for your setup
  • Evaluate a new design to enhance precision

Need Help Finding the Right Actuator?

We precision engineer and manufacture our products so you get direct manufacturers pricing. We offer same day shipping and knowledgeable customer support. Try using our Actuator Calculator to get help picking the right actuator for your application.