Linear Actuators in Home Office Automation

Home Office Automation

With our increasingly interconnected world, more and more people have the ability to work from home or require a home office to keep up with their workload. With most of us spending the majority of our days working, home office automation can be key to lightening our workload and maximize our efficiency. One of the tools used in home automation are linear actuators and this blog will show you where they are used and how you may want to use them in your home office.

Sit Stand Desks

One of the most common uses of linear actuators in home office automation are the sit stand desk lifts. Sit stand desk lifts are devices that convert your regular sitting desk into a healthier sit stand desk. With recent studies showing that sitting too much has a large negative impact on our health [1], sit stand desks have become more popular to combat these negative effects. Sit stand desks have even been shown to improve productivity and mood [2]. The linear actuators used in sit stand desk lifts are lifting column actuators and will have anywhere from one lifting column to four depending on the style of the lift. Lifting columns are specially designed to lift objects vertically and are able to handle bending forces caused by uneven loads. These lifting columns used in these electric desk lifts provide a much more convenient experience and removes unnecessary manual labor used to adjust other types of desk lifts.

The improved health and productivity benefits of a sit stand desk makes them a key addition to any home office. The adjustable height also makes giving video presentations look much more professional. With the wide range of styles of sit stand desk lifts, there are certainly one that is ideal for your home office.

Pop-Up or Drop Down Computer Monitor

Another area where linear actuators can be used in a home office is to have a hide away computer monitor. Whether you have a large enough monitor to make use of a TV lift or you create your own pop-up or drop down monitor lift, having a hide away monitor allows you to have access to more of your desk space. This is especially convenient if your job requires you to have a large working area but still need access to a computer, like artists or engineers that need to review large engineering plans. Hide away monitors also allow you to convert you home office into a meeting room to collaborate with co-workers or meet with clients.

Drop Down Monitor 

Various types of linear actuators are used in the mechanisms of pop-up or drop down monitors. Larger lifts, like the drop down or pop-up TV lifts, use lifting column actuators, while lifts for smaller monitors can use smaller rod linear actuators

DIY Office Solutions

As everyone’s job is different, there are endless possibilities to use linear actuators in home office automation applications, including drop down projectors and pop-up printers. A 4 legged desk lift, which has a large load capacity, is perfect for creating a height adjustable work bench for those with home jobs that requires hands on labor. No matter what your home office automation desires are, Firgelli Automation’s line of linear actuators and accessories can help you achieve those dreams. You may even what to install something for after hours.


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