Micro Pen Actuators 12v

      Micro Pen Actuators 12v

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      Product description

      Need a Micro Pen Actuator delivers the premium results you're looking for? The Firgelli Micro Pen has been specifically designed to provide the performance you need, no matter what the nature of your business may be.

      Durable, High-grade Components

      Each Micro Actuator comprises high-grade components that have been built to a demanding specification and put together by time-served engineers. The result is a premium product that has been designed to deliver highly accurate results, even in challenging conditions. 

      Created to provide robust, consistent performance, Micro Linear Actuators offer a dependable solution to your design and production requirements, no matter what your operation might be.

      Exceptional Performance

      If performance matters to you, then look no further than this actuator.  This Micro Actuator offers overload protection, which minimizes the risk of unexpected failure when it matters most.  We also offer a Feedback version here if required, 

      Modest Dimensions for Optimum Versatility

      One of the main reasons why a growing number of companies are choosing this Micro Pen Actuator for their operations is its relatively small dimensions - measuring just 16mm in diameter, it's still capable of offering forces up to 100N (22lbs) at the same time as providing stroke lengths up to 100mm (10cm or approximately 3.93701 inches. 

      The Micro Pen Actuator is Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

      Whether you have a robotics operation and need a suitable Actuator that will deliver the results you're looking for or are involved in some form of consumer electronics, a Micro Pen Actuator could be exactly what you're looking for. It's also a good option if your product has hidden flaps or panels that require specialist work.

      This Actuator is a versatile piece of equipment that's useful for environments where a high level of accuracy and detail is essential to good results.

      The FIRGELLI® Micro Pen Linear Actuator is only 16mm in dia yet packs a punch and also offers overload protection all in this tiny package. This model offers two force options: 20N (4.5-lbs) and 100N (22-lbs) with stroke lengths of 20mm 40mm 60mm 80mm and 100mm. These Micro Actuators are inline which is why the form factor of only 16m dia at its largest point is so small, giving you the ability to fit them into the smallest spaces for the ultimate in hidden motion control capabilities.

      Mounting Points

      Mounting these Micro Actuators is simple. Each end of the Actuator has 2 clevis holes that are 3mm dia (0.118" dia) so that a 2-3mm screw can be used to secure them. In addition, the moving end shaft of the Micro Actuator is able to rotate up to 180 degrees so that the holes do not need to line-up with the motor end of the Actuator body. 

      Mounting the Body of the Actuator is also an option, you can mount to the durable plastic motor body or the aluminum shaft if desired. The benefit of using the 2 round clevis holes of the Actuator is that the Actuator is able to rotate and swivel as its moves which is likely for a lot of applications. 

      Control Options:

      These Micro Actuators are a simple 2 wire configuration, this means that you simply supply a 12v DC power source to make the Actuator move, and reversing polarity will change its direction. Most people use a Rocker-Switch to perform this action, or perhaps a remote control system that has 2 buttons (Up and Down) 

      These Micro Actuators are well suited for RC model toys, Robotics, consumer electronics, hidden flaps & panels etc.  


      FA-PL20-12-(Stroke) FA-PL100-12-(Stroke)
      Push/Pull Force 20N (4.5-lbs) 100N (22-lbs)
      Static Force 30N (6.75-lbs) 100N (33-lbs)
      Speed at full load 10mm/sec 3mm/sec  
      Voltage 12V 12V
      No-Load Current 0.06A 0.06A
      Max Current at full load 0.3A 0.3A
      Peak Power Point 5W
      Mechanical Backlash 0.04mm
      Duty Cycle 10%, max 2 minutes continuous
      Operating Temp. Range -20°C to 60°C
      Protection Class IP66 
      No Load Noise Level 6 dB above ambient
      Diameter (16mm)  0.62" 
      Mounting Ends O Type PLASTIC
      Screw Type ACME
      Outer Housing Material Aluminum T6063
      Expansion Rod Material Stainless Steel 304
      Limit Switch  Built-In non-adjustable 
      Wire Length 1.5M
      Feedback For this model with feedback built-in click here
      Stroke Length

      Retracted Length

      (Hole to Hole)

      Extended Length

      (Hole to Hole)

      Weight Gram (Ounce) STEP File
      20mm (0.78") 120mm (5.5")
      140mm (6.3") 49 (1.7)
      40mm (1.57") 140mm (6.3") 180mm (7.87")
      59 (2.0) FA-PL100-12-40
      60mm (2.36") 160mm (7.08") 220mm (9.44") 63 (2.22) FA-PL100-12-60
      80mm (3.14") 180mm (7.87") 260mm (11") 75 (2.64) FA-PL100-12-80
      100mm (4") 200mm (8.66")
      300mm (12.59") 81 (2.85) FA-PL100-12-100


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