Silent Micro Linear Actuator

      Silent Micro Linear Actuator

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      If you are looking for a Micro Actuators that's very quiet then the FIRGELLI® Silent Micro Linear Actuator is an ideal choice. It packs a force of 100N (22-lbs). These Actuators use a planetary style gearbox which allows them to be ultra-quiet and offer very smooth efficient linear motion. The in-line design comes without a Clevis on the Motor end but instead has a built-in mounting base place along the main body with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. This attachment style means that the length to stroke ratio is shorter so that they can fit into tighter spots.  The moving end of the Actuator has a tough plastic Clevis style fitting that can be rotated to any angle. 

      These Micro Actuators are very popular in HVAC systems for opening and closing flaps and vents and also in Home Automation applications where secret doors, drawers, and panels are required to be opened and closed remotely. But they really can be used for many applications where noise or space is important. 

      Mounting Points

      Mounting these Micro Actuators is very simple. The moving end of the Actuator has a clevis hole with a 4.2mm dia so that a 4mm screw can be used to secure them, as well as a 5mm wide slot that's 8mm deep for plate mounting options. In addition, the moving end shaft of the Micro Actuator is able to rotate up to 180 degrees to give you more flexibility with installation and also offer positional flexibility. The End clevis is screwed into the Aluminum shaft that can also be used to adjust the length for very fine installation control. Secondly, the Insert can be removed as it is a threaded insert so that you can install your own clevis end fitting if desired.  

      Mounting the Body of the Actuator is the best option for this Actuator as it comes with 4x M4 threaded holes and the base plate has rubber pads for reducing the vibration and noise to the mounting fixtures. The benefit of using the 2 round clevis holes of the Actuator is that the Actuator is able to rotate and swivel as its moves which is likely for a lot of applications. 


      Control Options:

      These Micro Actuators are a simple 2 wire configuration, this means that you simply supply a 12v DC power source to make the Actuator move, and reversing polarity will change its direction. Most people use a Rocker-Switch to perform this action, or perhaps a remote control system that has 2 buttons (Up and Down) 


      Dynamic Push  100N (22-lbs force)
      Dynamic Pull 50N (11-lbs force)
      Static Load 50N (11-lbs force)

      Input Voltage

      12V DC 

      No Load Current


      Full Load Current

      Speed No Load 12mm/sec (0.45"/sec) - Full Load 7mm (0.27"/sec)
      Duty Cycle 10% 
      IP Rating IP54
      Operating temperature +5 °C ~ + 40 °C
      Current Draw No-load 0.1 Amps
      Current Draw Full-load 0.2 Amps
      Mounting Points Clevis holes on both ends. 4.2mm dia (0.16" dia) so that a 4mm screw can be used
      Operating Noise 4 dBA above ambient
      Motor Type Brushed DC Motor with built-in planetary Gear head and metal gears

       Limit Switches



      Speed & Load Curves

      Load Curve Micro Linear Actuator

      Load Curve Micro Linear Actuators




           25mm stroke micro actuator50mm stroke micro actuators quiet mini linear actuatorquiet mini linear actuator

       quiet mini linear actuators

      mini linear actuator

      quiet mini linear actuator

       micro linear actuator

      3D Models

      25MM Stroke Silent Micro Actuator STEP file

      50MM Stroke Silent Micro Actuator STEP file

      75MM Stroke Silent Micro Actuator STEP file

      100MM Stroke Silent Micro Actuator STEP file

      125MM Stroke Silent Micro Actuator STEP file

      150MM Stroke Silent Micro Actuator STEP file

      175MM Stroke Silent Micro Actuator STEP file

      200MM Stroke Silent Micro Actuator STEP file


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