How to Enjoy Your Patio and watch TV outside using an Outdoor TV Cabinet

Entertaining and relaxing on a patio has always been one of summers greatest pleasures, but outdoor TV's are quite expensive so we created a solution. Use a regular indoor TV using an Outdoor TV cabinet with a built in TV Lift mechanism. Our waterproof TV cabinet keeps that TV protected all year round and simply press the remote control button to raise it into view. Once finished watching TV simply press the down button and the TV lowers inside the cabinet to be hidden away and protected from the elements all year round.

outdoor TV Cabinet

While this makes patios a great space to host socially distance gatherings but sharing food and drinks as well as the other common patio activities has become difficult. To truly become an expert host during COVID-19 and make the most out of your patio this summer, you’ll want to buy an Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet.

Our Outdoor TV Lift Cabinets are waterproof cabinets that allow you to bring your living room outside and raise the bar on outdoor living and entertainment. The cabinet has a modern design that will match any style and comes in two colors, either dark grey or white stone. The sleek and durable outdoor TV cabinet is designed to enclose all of your media gear including a flat screen television, cable box, Blu-Ray player, and gaming console. Also included inside of the cabinet is a power bar that plugs into a 110V outlet to power your entire entertainment system. To protect all of these sensitive electronics, the TV cabinet, made out of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and aluminum, is water resistant and has a functioning temperature range of -40C to 70C. When patio season does come to an end, our outdoor TV cabinet with built in TV lift includes a winter cover to protect itself from the elements.

Can I use a regular Indoor TV Outside?

Yes you can, we have extensively testing our cabinet with a regular indoor TV in the wettest part of the country, the Pacific North West where the rainfall exceeds 73" per year making it the wettest part of the USA. Our test is still ongoing but currently stands at 5 years in operation as of 2020. The Outdoor TV Cabinet has a regular Samsung 50" TV and is still going strong and in daily use as it is placed next to an outdoor Hot tub that used daily along with the TV.

 outdoor tv lift cabinet

Our Outdoor TV Cabinet uses a FIRGELLI TV Lift that we have been selling for about 15 years and is considered o be a bullet prof system. The innovative TV Lift system raises and lowers your TV by wireless remote control and conceals it when not in use. You’ll have no need for an expensive outdoor TV, as your regular indoor TV will be hidden and protected inside of the cabinet. The TV lift is whisper quiet and only takes 21 seconds to fully extend. The TV Lift itself is made out of high-grade steel and is able to lift up to 135lbs. The system contains a universal mount for televisions up to 50” and provides easy assembly of your outdoor media center. The TV lift cabinet also includes a bracket to mount your PVR/DVD player or other media boxes to the TV mounting bracket, or simply hide these away at the bottom of the cabinet. Most people simply use the TV's own built in apps such as Netflix etc. .You can check out our blog here to see how to mount your media players inside of the TV cabinet.

Don’t let your patio go to waste. Our Outdoor TV Cabinet offers cost effective luxury and adds a premium feel to any outdoor space. The self-contained design allows you to position your TV where every you like, whether it is by the hottub, barbecue, or fire pit. You’ll be able to WOW your neighbors and provide entertainment even in the era of social distancing. The outdoor TV lift will allow you to enjoy a movie under the stars with family or play games with your friends, all while being safe and getting the most out of your outdoor space this summer.

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