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FIRGELLI offers a very large selection of Robotic Components.  Browse our inventory of Robot components and order conveniently, securely at a great price.  All shipped directly to your doorstep.

FIRGELLI have been developing Motion control and precision-engineered products for 2 decades specialize in Linear Actuators for the Automation industry such as Home Automation, Industrial and automotive applications, and TV Lift Mechanisms used for Hidden TV cabinet makers, Standing desks - Sit-stand Desks that have become very popular in the Office for improving your health by getting out of the chair periodically and work standing up. FIRGELLI also develop Micro Linear Actuators. for the Robotics and consumer electronics Industry. FIRGELI also carries a range of Drawer slides capable of holding high loads as used for kitchen cabinets and customs storage devices.

F12 Micro Linear Actuators
F12 Micro Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Stroke 1–6 Inches
  • Force 4.4 lb's
Micro Pen Actuator with Feedback
Micro Pen Actuator with Feedback In Stock
  • Force 4–22 lb's
  • Stroke 20–100 mm
Micro Pen Actuators 12v
Micro Pen Actuators 12v In Stock
  • Force 4–22 lb's
  • Stroke 20–100 mm
miniatture actuator
Silent Micro Linear Actuator In Stock
  • Stroke 25–200 mm
  • Force 22 lb's

micro gear

Precision Micro Gear Motors

Elevate your robotics projects with our precision micro gear motors, engineered to deliver performance and reliability. Designed with attention to detail, these compact motors offer precise motion control and durability, ensuring smooth operation in a variety of applications.

Our micro gear motors feature precisely machined gearboxes, minimizing backlash and maximizing efficiency for integration into your robotic systems. With advanced motor control technologies, our precision micro gear motors provide precise positioning and responsive motion control, empowering you to achieve your project's exact requirements. From robotic arms to autonomous vehicles, our motors offer the precision and reliability needed to bring your designs to life.

Explore our collection of precision micro gear motors today and discover the performance and reliability you can depend on for your most demanding applications.

micro gear motor in medicine

Exploring Micro Motors: Driving Innovation

Micro motors, with their compact size and precise performance, are driving innovation across multiple industries, including automotive, medical devices, and robotics. Let's delve into how these tiny powerhouses are revolutionizing each sector:

1. Automotive: In the automotive industry, micro motors are essential components powering various systems and mechanisms. They drive electric power steering systems, providing seamless and responsive steering control while improving fuel efficiency. Micro motors also play a crucial role in automated transmission systems, ensuring smooth gear shifts for enhanced driving experience and efficiency. Additionally, they power electric window regulators, windshield wipers, and HVAC actuators, contributing to the comfort and convenience of modern vehicles.

2. Medical Devices: Micro motors are indispensable in the realm of medical devices, where precision and reliability are paramount. These motors drive essential equipment such as infusion pumps, delivering precise and controlled medication doses to patients with accuracy and consistency. In surgical robotics, micro motors enable precise movements of robotic arms and instruments, enhancing the surgeon's dexterity and control during minimally invasive procedures. Furthermore, micro motors power ventilators and respirators, playing a critical role in patient care, especially in intensive care units and emergency medical situations.

3. Robotics: In robotics, micro motors are the driving force behind precise motion control and maneuverability. These motors power robotic joints and actuators, enabling precise and agile movements in industrial automation, manufacturing, and assembly lines. In collaborative robots (cobots), micro motors facilitate safe and smooth interactions with human operators, ensuring precise positioning and control in shared workspaces. Moreover, micro motors drive mobile robots and drones, providing propulsion and maneuverability for various applications, including logistics, surveillance, and inspection tasks.

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