8 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Using a TV Lift

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If you have a TV in your workplace, you should be using a TV lift by Firgelli TV Lift Kit for many reasons that are vital to the success and security of your business. Technology has evolved and as a result, so have the requirements for businesses. Flat screen TVs are no longer a luxury item for businesses but rather, they’re essential for maximizing productivity, customer service and aesthetics, to name a few. But what’s wrong with putting a flat screen TV on the wall, you ask? Let’s find out.


The Dangers Associated with a Flat Screen TV on the Wall

For years, flat screen TVs have been placed on the wall with no rise of concern. However, as the world becomes more mindful of one’s surroundings, it has raised several questions regarding the safety of having such a large device on the wall.

Even with proper placement, flat screen TVs on the wall pose potential threats to the safety of your employees and customers, business and security. Employees and customers can knock the television off the screen, which is a significant risk that increases drastically if you have a waiting area or play area where children frequent.

Hanging flat screen TVs on the wall will also leave the devices vulnerable to damage, as people can tamper with the device which can result in costly repairs or a broken TV which doesn’t look good for the business. And if someone wanted to steal the television, it wouldn’t be that difficult to do. Unfortunately, simply placing flat screen televisions higher on the wall isn’t a practical option either as the screens are designed to be viewed at a specific angle.

The solution is to install TV lifts in your business. These are mechanical systems that allow you to move the television vertically or horizontally to meet your needs. The benefits of doing so monumental for businesses.

Benefits of Using a TV Lift in Businesses

Being able to maneuver your flat screen TVs as needed presents many benefits that can protect both your employees, customers and business. To give you an idea of just how vital these simple devices are to the success and security of your enterprise, let’s take a look at some of the top benefits businesses receive from TV lifts in the workplace.

Safety For All

The utmost important benefit of using a TV lift in your business is the ability to ensure a safe environment for your customers, their children and your employees. Having a TV lift gives you the option to move the television as needed, whether it’s because a rambunctious child in the waiting room who keeps bumping into the flat screen or new office equipment is being moved in.

Decrease Potential Damage

With a stationary television on the wall, you don’t have the option to move it as needed. This can result in potential and costly damages, particularly if your office space is fairly business. Using a TV lift gives you the ability to decrease potential damage to the flat screen TVs which can save you an abundance of money moving forward.

Full Control

Having full control of the flat screen TVs in your business comes with an abundance of benefits, such as peace of mind, customizable options and the ability to decrease the risk of damage the device, to name a few. Not only that but you’re able to choose the channel and volume settings that suit the work environment, to avoid distractions and disruptions to productivity if the TV was to be tampered with.

Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate; worrying about a television potentially dropping on a customer or breaking valuables in your business is something that will stick with you until it is addressed.

By installing a TV lift in your business, you can eliminate this concern and all the stress that comes with it.  

Enhanced Aesthetics Builds Trust With Customers

Despite the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, everyone judges a company by its appearance.  Using TV lifts in your business will increase the aesthetics of the space, while also emphasizing that your company is up-to-date with modern trends which gives potential customers an idea of what to expect from your business in terms of quality. After all, if you were to walk into a business with absolutely zero technology, you’re going to expect a less-than-ideal experience. So, show off your company’s modern with a TV lift that, in turns, enhances aesthetics and build trust with potential customers.

Improve Usability of Space

Using a TV lift in your business allows you to improve the usability of the space, as you can adjust it to suit any changes. Perhaps you have new office furniture coming in that doesn’t align properly with the television or need to move the television to accommodate an influx in customers waiting for service, a TV lift allows you to do this quickly and safely.

Deter Potential Thefts

With a flat screen TV mounted onto the center of a wall, it wouldn’t be too difficult for someone to steal. After all, it’s right in front of them and at the end of their fingertips. However, if that TV were to be moved with a television lift so that it’s high enough and out of reach when standing, stealing it presents many challenges and obstacles. In other words, installing TV lifts in your business can deter thefts by making it incredibly difficult for someone to steal your flat screen televisions. 

Ensure Timeless Interior

With the prior mentioned, having a TV lift in your business ensures a timeless interior. Regardless of the interior trends and the type of furniture you purchase to keep your business up to date, the television can be moved to adapt to any changes. And as we mentioned previously, a current interior makes all the difference in the way potential customers perceive your business. So, having a TV lift in your business makes sure you can update the interior as needed without limitations imposed by a stationary television.


Television lifts allow you to increase the aesthetics, safety and protection of your work environment by eliminating risks that could be detrimental to your business. There are various types of TV lifts, such as drop-down TV lifts, Pop-up TV lifts, floor mounts, rear mounts and even TV lifts for cabinets. So, take advantage of what this simple mechanism can do to increase the potential of your business. Browse our selection of the best TV lifts for businesses on Firgelli Automations today.

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