Firgelli Automation’s Linear Actuator Wiring Diagram Generator

Firgelli Automation is proud to present our Linear Actuator Wiring Diagram Generator. This generator has been developed to show you how to connect your linear actuator(s) to our control system products to meet the specific needs of your project. Along with our Linear Actuator Calculator, our online tools will make designing your next project a breeze. This blog will walk you through how to use this Wiring Diagram Generator, so your able to go full steam ahead into your next project. If you want to learn how to use our Linear Actuator Calculator, you can check out our guide here to see how.

Generator Inputs



On the left hand side of the generator, you will see where you will select the specific inputs to the generator. The first line of inputs are your project’s requirements. The first requirement is the number of actuators you plan to use, which can either be 1 or 2. If you choose 1, the other two inputs on this line will disappear as they are irrelevant to your application and you can move on to the next group of inputs. If you choose 2, you can choose whether you require your linear actuators to move separately. If you do, the last requirement will disappear as it is incompatible with your design and you can move on to the next group of inputs. But if you don’t, you can choose whether or not you need synchronous control over your linear actuator. You can either choose yes or no, then move on to the next group of inputs.

Control Options

 Control Options

Once you have inputted the requirements of your project, you can now select a device to control your linear actuator. You will see three options to select from; a Rocker Switch, a 2 Channel Remote Control, and a 4 Channel Remote Control. Based on the inputs you have selected; the generator will fade out some of the control options as they will not be able to meet your requirements. In this section, you simply select your desired option and you can move on to the next section.

Additional Features

 Additional Feature

Finally, after you pick a control option that fits your requirements, you can then add additional features to your design for even more control and protection. You will have three options to choose from; Over Current Protection, External Limit Switches, and Speed Control. You can choose all or none of these features. Again, based on the other inputs you have selected, the generator will fade out some of the additional features as they are not compatible with the rest of your design.

Wiring Diagram

Once you have selected all the inputs to describe your design, you can then hit the GET DIAGRAM button and generate a wiring diagram for your design. The diagram will appear on the right hand side of the generator and will show you how each element of your design will connect to each other. If you are confused by what the different symbols on the diagram mean, you can access the legend by clicking on the word legend, which can be found on the left hand side under the GET DIAGRAM button. The legend describes what each of the symbols mean on the wiring diagram. You can also download a copy of this diagram by pressing the download button which is found on the left hand side under the legend button.

Wiring Diagram Example

Recommended Products

Once you have generated your wiring diagram, the generator will also display all of the products used in the wiring diagram to meet your design inputs. You may still need to select options for certain products, like choosing momentary or sustaining styles of rocker switches. There will also be a recommended type of linear actuator that will work within your design. You will need to select the force and stroke length for this linear actuator. To do this, you can make use of our Linear Actuator Calculator and use the type of linear actuator described in this generator as an input to the calculator. Finally, once you have selected options for the various products that make up your linear actuator control system, the generator will add all of these products to your cart by the push of a single button at the bottom of this section.

Recommended Products

Utilizing our Wiring Diagram Generator and Linear Actuator Calculator in combination will greatly aid you in both your mechanical and electrical design. With these online tools, Firgelli Automation has made it even easier for you to design and find the right linear actuators and accessories for your next project.

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