What’s the Difference between Single and Dual Stage Legs in a Standing Desk Lift?


When shopping for a standing desk lift, there are a few different factors you’ll need to consider when deciding what standing desk lift is right for you. One of those factors is whether you choose a standing desk lift with single stage or dual stage legs. But what does that mean? What is the difference between single stage or dual stage legs? Which one is best? This blog will aim to help answer those questions and help you find the right standing desk lift for you.

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What Does Single and Dual Stages Mean?

The number of stages in a leg of a standing desk lift refers to the number of telescopic sections the leg of the standing desk has. Single stage legs are broken up into 2 telescopic sections, while dual stage legs are split into 3 telescopic segments. You will sometimes see single stage legs referred to as 2 stage legs and dual stage legs referred to as 3 stage legs. The telescopic sections of the leg overlap when the leg is fully retracted and separate as the leg extends. When fully extended, each segment is used to conceal the lifting mechanism inside of the leg, which protects the mechanism from debris and protects the user from the moving components of the mechanism. The telescopic segments will still overlap when fully extended to provide stability to the leg and ensure the leg is straight. When the mechanism retracts, these overlapping segments slide over each other to allow the leg to collapse.

Dual Stage Standing Desk Lift

Which One is Best?

When shopping for standing desk lift you should always choose a standing desk lift with dual stage legs. This is because dual stage legs will have greater stability and feel less shaky than single stage legs for the same given height setting. As dual stage legs have 3 telescopic segments, they will have more overlapping area between each segment compared to single stage legs, which, as discussed above, provides the leg with stability and ensures the leg is straight. As stability will always be a key feature of any desk, standing or otherwise, you’ll want to ensure your standing desk is stable. Another reason dual stage legs are superior to single stage legs is that the 3 segments of the dual stage legs can be collapsed to a smaller height compared to single stage legs for the same given maximum height. This allows dual stage legs to provide a greater range of desk heights compared to single stage legs.

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