We talk with a lot of professionals who are designing homes for clients that are fortunate enough to have an attic. But what if you don't?, Firgelli TV Lift Kit has a product that will work in both applications, with or without space in the ceiling above to hide your TV

Flip it or Drop it ?

When you’ve got space above the living area such as the fireplace or bed, it opens up the option of having a drop down lift that lowers your television from the ceiling. There are 2 ways to have a drop down TV lift mechanism in this situation. One is to have the TV drop vertically down and the other is to flip or rotate the TV down into viewing area. The first method requires allot of space in the attic or room above to do this. Follow this link to get details

Typically to drop a TV down you need whatever the height of the TV is plus some space for a mechanism. So lets say your 50" TV is 30" tall plus say 5-10" for the mechanism, now you are already at around 40" of height needed to install a drop down TV lift. Compare this to a flip down TV lift where the mechanism is only 4" thick plus allow 1" for the thickness of your TV, now this is very doable.

flip down tv lift mechanism

So now you have decided that flip down is the way to go.  This is possible using our Flip down TV lift mechanism

The advantages here are pretty fantastic, not least of which is the ability to lower a TV over a bed for the ideal viewing scenario.

flip down tv lift mechanism

Flipping a TV down from above also avoids interrupting the design of the room as a ceiling based concealment means you don’t have to add furniture or alter existing pieces to accommodate the motorized lift.

In our eyes, this is a big win for the homeowner. But not everyone has this luxury. We’ve talked with a good deal of homeowners who don’t have attics but still want to install a drop down lift.

With the Firgelli flip down TV lift you have two options for installation. Firstly you can simply mount the lift mechanism to the ceiling so its hanging down. This may not be the best look but its the easiest and not everyone has the space above. You can build and MDF box around this if you wish and as the mechanism only takes up 4" of depth this would not look too bad. You could even add crown molding around the box to make it a feature.

how do you install a flip down tv lift mechanism

If you are lucky enough to have attic space then you can simply build the box into the ceiling and install the Flip down mechanism into the box and ensure the ceiling opening is the same size as your TV. When installed in this way your  TV will simply be sat flush with the ceiling as shown below

motorized flip down tv lift

 Here is the video for how to install the Flip down mechanism.





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