Bullet Series 35 Cal. Linear Actuators

      Bullet Series 35 Cal. Linear Actuators

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      The Bullet Series 35 Cal. Linear Actuator was developed to have a slim in-line motor design. They are light weight and are fitted with high quality Japanese motors to ensure a long life span and low operating noise with an IP67 rating. Ideal for applications such as powered skylight windows, hatch doors, trap door openers etc 

      These Actuators come with an integrated force sensor, this means if they bump into something or when they get to the end of their stroke they automatically stop moving until you either change direction or remove the load. This is a better method for end of stroke limit switching and means that this model does not need internal limit switches For adjustable limit-switch linear actuators try our new Adjustable limit switch Actuators.  The built-in over-current protection system is a great new safety mechanism and offers many applications from Skylight Window openers to Automotive motion control where space is tight.

      For further information review the specifications and technical drawings down below or visit our tutorials page for instructions on how to use this actuator with switches, remotes, speed controllers, and Arduino. 

      Accessories sold separately include: Remote Controls - Switches - Micro-Controllers - Power Supplies 


      Model FA-BS35-20-12-X FA-BS35-90-12-X FA-BS35-180-12-X FA-BS35-270-12-X
      Push/Pull Force 22 lbs. 90 lbs. 180 lbs. 270 lbs.
      Static Force 30 lbs. 135 lbs. 350 lbs. 400 lbs.
      Speed at no load 1.3”/sec  0.7”/sec  0.45”/sec  0.26”/sec
      Speed at full load 1.1"/sec 0.5"/sec 0.27"/sec 0.17"/sec
      Voltage  12V
      Max Current  3.8 amps
      Maximum Power  60W
      Duty Cycle 25%
      Temperature Range -20°C ~ 60°C
      IP Rating 67
      Noise Level 50-60 dB
      Backlash 0.01 ~ 0.03"
      Over Current Circuit Protection Built-in
      Circuit Breaking Current 4.5 amps
      Circuit Breaking Response Time 0.1 ~ 0.5 seconds
      Diameter 1.37" (35mm)
      Outer Housing Material 6063 Aluminum
      Rod Material 304 Stainless Steel
      Lead Screw Trapezoid
      Material of nut Plastic
      Life Cycles 10k
      Feedback None
      Synchronous Capability None, 5-10%  variation in speed
      Cable Length 5 feet
      Brackets MB35



      Stroke Length Retracted Length Extended Length  Weight Step File
      6" 13.87" 19.87" 1.7 lb.
      9" 16.87" 25.87" 2.2 lb.
      12" 19.87" 31.87" 2.4 lb.
      18" 25.87" 43.87" 3.5 lb.
      24" 31.87" 55.87" 3.7 lb.
      28" 35.87" 63.87" 3.95 lb.

      Curve Graphs

      Wiring Diagram

      Click here to view our wiring diagram generator to help you set up your actuator system

      Wiring Diagram Generator

      3D Model Downloads (.STEP)

      Same files apply to all Force models

      Actuator Dimensions

      Click on each image to get the PDF dimensions sheet. All SKU's are below. All force variants are the same.


      Bullet Series 35 Cal. actuator dimensions with a 6 inch stroke


      Bullet Series 35 Cal. actuator dimensions with a 9 inch stroke


      Bullet Series 35 Cal. actuator dimensions with a 12 inch stroke


      Bullet Series 35 Cal. actuator dimensions with a 18 inch stroke


      Bullet Series 35 Cal. actuator dimensions with a 24 inch stroke


      Bullet Series 35 Cal. actuator dimensions with a 28 inch stroke

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