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Kami menawarkan berbagai sistem kontrol, baik kabel maupun dikendalikan dari jarak jauh, sehingga kami adalah one stop shop untuk kebutuhan Linear Actuator Control Anda. Dari sistem lengkap hingga remote cadangan Anda akan menemukan kami memiliki semua yang Anda butuhkan untuk integrasi aktuator Anda. Inventaris besar kami berarti kami sering dapat mengirim pada hari yang sama Anda menempatkan pesanan Anda.

How Do You Control a Linear Actuator with a Switch?

Learn how to set up your switch for your application. We go through the different ways you can wire up your switch which can vary...

How Do You Control a Linear Actuator with an Arduino?

Unfortunatly you cannot just plug in your arduino into your linear actuator and use it, you need a bit of setup beforehand. We go through...

How Do You Control a Linear Actuator with a Relay?

Unleash the full potential of your linear actuators! This article explores the surprising ease of controlling them with relays, readily available components that unlock a...

Reverse Polarity: How it Works and When to Use it

Delve into the fundamentals of reversing polarity and discover how it can impact linear actuators. We'll explore practical applications, including how reversing polarity affects the...

FCB-1 Manual - How to use

Learn about our FCB-1 actuator control board, what features it has and how to use it. See our step by step guide on setting up...

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