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We offer a range of control systems, both wired and remotely controlled so that we are a one-stop-shop for your Linear Actuator Control needs. From complete systems to spare remotes, you'll find we have everything you could require for your actuator integration. Our huge inventory means we can often ship the same day you place your order.

Linear Actuator Controller

Linear Actuator Controller for Any Application

A Linear Actuator Controller is a versatile device that unlocks the potential of linear actuators in various applications. It acts as the brain of your linear actuator setup, providing precise control over its movement. Whether you're automating a solar tracking system, adjusting an ergonomic workstation, or controlling a robotic arm, a linear actuator controller empowers you to achieve complex motions. With features like synchronized actuator operation and customizable start and stop positions, you can design your application with unmatched precision and flexibility.

For instance, if you are building a furniture piece that adjusts its height, a linear actuator controller would ensure the legs move together smoothly and precisely. Customizable start and stop strokes would allow you to program the exact height range of the furniture.

In essence, a linear actuator controller is not essential for operating a linear actuator, but it offers a significant improvement in terms of control, precision, and versatility.

Firgelli Actuator Production Video

Beyond the Basics: Unlocking the True Potential of Your Linear Actuators

Standard linear actuators offer functionality, but the Firgelli Automation Control Board elevates them to highly precise and versatile tools.

Synchronous mode ensures all connected actuators move in perfect unison, regardless of slight variations in speed or load between them. This eliminates alignment issues and maximizes efficiency in applications demanding synchronized movement, perfect for solar tracking systems, adjustable furniture where multiple legs need to move together, or even robotic arms requiring coordinated motion.

Further precision is achieved with independent speed control. Imagine an ergonomic workstation where the keyboard tray adjusts at a slower, controlled pace for user comfort, while the monitor mount raises quickly for efficient positioning. This feature allows you to independently adjust the extension and retraction speeds of each actuator, tailoring movements to specific needs. Need a delicate adjustment for a robotic gripper? Slow down the extension speed for ultimate control.

Ever feel limited by the built-in stopping points of linear actuators? The Firgelli control board breaks those limitations with limit position adjustment. Limit position adjustment empowers you to set customized starting and stopping positions for each actuator, overriding built-in limits. This opens doors for unique applications. Imagine an automatic chicken coop door that opens to a specific height at sunrise and closes to a lower level at dusk, accommodating different predator threats throughout the day.


Frequently Asked Questions

You don't necessarily need a linear actuator controller for your setup, but it offers significant advantages depending on your desired functionality. Here's a breakdown:

  • Basic On/Off Control: If your setup only requires the actuator to extend and retract with a simple switch, you might not need a linear actuator controller. A basic on/off switch can be used to supply power and control direction.

  • Benefits of a Linear Actuator Controller: However, linear actuator controllers offer many advantages:
    • Precision Control: They allow for more precise control over speed, and stopping positions. Control the speed of your actuators, with the ability to slow down the actuators extension or retract speed. Also with the possibility of having these be different values if you want to extend quicker than retract etc. With having variable stopping positions, this is perfect if you need a certain stopping point but your actuators end of stroke is past that point.
    • Automation: Linear actuator controllers can be programmed for automated movements based on timers or sensors. Perfect for applications such as chicken coops doors where you dont have to be present to manually open and close the door.
    • Multiple Actuator Control: Linear actuator controllers are essential if you're using multiple actuators and want them to move in sync. This ensures all connected actuators extend or retract at the same time and at the same speed. This eliminates any alignment issues and creates a visually pleasing, uniform movement.
    • Remote Control: Many linear actuator controllers allow for remote control of actuators for added convenience.

We recommend our FCB-1 board as a great option for applications where switch control is desired. It's a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for basic on/off control and momentary switch functionality. We have a couple of videos showcasing the usage of switches with the control board aswell as informative blog posts which include the usage of switches with your control board.

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